August 26, 2014

As the Equinox approaches, I’m finding myself heavily inspired by pagan earth magic vibes in the domestic sector. This Grimes video is providing some great visual and aural inspiration as I envision my coming autumn. Looks like I’ll be rolling around in a lot of leaves! Yeah, probably not but I do foresee my soaking up some serious forest juju when we visit Opal Creek next month. In the mean time, who wants to come over and make smudge sticks with sage from my garden?


rad ladies : marjorie skinner

August 22, 2014


image- Photo by Jesse Champlin -


I was recently asked about my current aspirations and after answering that I’m working towards something fashion-related, I was asked in all seriousness when I would be moving to the East Coast. There are actually many reasons why I don’t need to move to the East Coast to puruse my goals. That said, I understand not everyone is aware of the fashion industry / community we’ve already got right here in Portland, or that that community is serious about it’s work and actively seeking avenues to grow to levels on par with the stalwart fashion communities in New York and LA.

While that is still a work in progress, there are definitely awesome things happening here right now and at the forefront of that coverage is Marjorie Skinner, Managing Editor at local alt-weekly, The Portland Mercury. I’ve been following Marjorie’s regular fashion & arts column, Sold Out, for a while now to garner news about local fashion lines and events (including the annual Open Season fashion show which Marjorie produces) and to keep up on discussions about the challenges facing the local fashion community in it’s pursuit of growth. For me, Marjorie is a perfect Rad Lady candidate and I was thrilled when she agreed to an interview. (Insert Wayne & Garth voices here: I’m not worthy!!)


VGS: At what point in your life did you know you wanted to be / were a writer?

MS: There was no singular “aha” type moment. Writing was always what I most excelled at in school and was encouraged to do. If anything it came when I started college, and considered becoming a psychology major. That lasted about a year before I went running back into the arms of English literature!


VGS: Has fashion always been an interest? How did you get into fashion writing?

MS: Fashion was always a personal interest, and never something I expected would be part of my professional life. My background is in writing, criticism, and the arts, but it came about that I was starting at the Mercury during the time that Seaplane was becoming active and beginning to garner some national press. As a magazine that emphasized the local arts so heavily I felt it was an oversight not to include an independent apparel design scene that was doing such remarkable things. Basically I pitched it to my editor, he said okay, and it snowballed from there.


VGS: What was your path to your current job?

MS: Honestly, I kind of fell into it. I graduated from Reed College and was eager to use my English degree. I felt the obvious thing to pursue was teaching, but that didn’t hold much appeal for me. I got a part-time job at a book store and just walked into the Mercury cold—it was the local publication that I most identified with, though I wasn’t an avid reader. I just recognized that it was something I could do, and that would hold my interest. I began with an internship, and as I learned more about the process that feeling of recognition intensified. After a couple months the internship became a part-time job, and after a year or so of that it became a full-time job. As our staff has grown and changed over the years, my position has continued to evolve. I think it’s key that the paper was also very young when I started, so in a sense we’ve been able to grow up and change together.


VGS: In general, what are your thoughts on Portland’s fashion / maker scene?

MS: That is general! Obviously I think we have a really fruitful scene here, and there are debatable reasons why Portland has been able to foster that. I’m proud of the fact that the quality of work and taste level here holds up against that of larger cities, and I know that our scene is part of the Portland dream that draws so many people here to live and visit. The trick is in how to retain that industry, especially when one of its hallmarks is the participation of people whose business plans aren’t necessarily traditional. I think a lot of old models are breaking down as far as how one should pursue a career in design/making, and that’s a scary but exciting thing, and a complicated discussion that’s been going on in various capacities for years. It’s an ongoing struggle, but I try not to lose sight of its value to the city and to all of us who live here. The fact is also that people are making money off of the existence of these small makers, and many people have a stake in protecting them from disappearing, whether they realize it directly or not.


VGS: There has been much discussion lately regarding Portland’s fashion industry. What do you think are the biggest issues that need addressing to keep things moving forward?

MS: The thing that keeps coming up is that many apparel designers need more business education, but I also think consumer education and investment are ongoing concerns.


VGS: What are your biggest inspirations currently?

MS: I tend to pull inspiration from all over, especially from musicians, folklore, film, and social media. I love the personal insights and travel journaling that Instagram has been able to afford. I use it almost exclusively for inspiration and window shopping.

VGS: What is your biggest challenge in staying motivated and how do you overcome it?

MS: The biggest challenge is that in some sense it’s hard to mark progress when you’ve been working for the same company, writing about the same community, producing the same fashion shows, etc. for 10+ years! The fact is I can basically say that I’ve almost never been bored, and I am aware of how immense a privilege that is.


VGS: What’s your favorite place to grab a burger in Portland?

MS: I only dabble in the dark meats, but my favorite veggie burger is actually at Club 21. I think veggie burgers in general are kind of uninspiring, but theirs is really good!



image- Photo by Holly Stalder -


Huge thanks to Marjorie!

You can follow her via The Portland Mercury MOD blog | Instagram @mjskinner800 | Twitter @mjskinner800

indie designers : print all over me

August 20, 2014

The concept behind Print All Over Me is simple but oh so fantastic: By allowing anyone to upload their designs for print onto any or all of the items featured in their seasonal collections of blank apparel (and sometimes objects), Print All Over Me effectively offers the tools needed to create, produce and share one’s own designs for up to six months at a time. I discovered PAOM via an illustrator whose work I am totally obsessed with and quickly found that many talented designers and illustrators are utilizing PAOM to create ranges they would presumedly not have the opportunity to produce otherwise. At the very least, it creates new options which is always a good thing.

Production occurs in PAOM’s factories in Georgia, USA and Shanghai, China. With overseas production a major concern for me, I confirmed that PAOM employs their workers ethically, ensuring all employees receive health care benefits while making at least four times the fair minimum wage.

Currently the seasonal items up for customization include tanks & tees, a linen beach towel, one piece swimsuit, and summer skirts, dresses and shorts. The available designs (which include past seasonal items too, like the shift dress I’ve featured many times below) number in the thousands and range from awesome to not-so-awesome but that’s really the beauty of PAOM- anyone can play designer. Here are some of my current faves -


Designs by Will Bryant -












Designs by Buried Diamond -








Designs by Josep Prat Sorolla -








Designs by The Young Never Sleep -


























Designs by Jessica Edmiston -





















Designs by Tyler Spangler -












As you can see, there is a great deal of variety available and that’s just fine for this pattern addict!


August 19, 2014

Bon Mardi! Here is a great tune for you from La Femme, set against a confusing surf espionage style video -


sister style : delicate doilies vintage

August 14, 2014

Today’s Sister Style is coming at ya courtesy of Emily & Shola, the super lovely and super sweet duo behind my favorite vintage in town: Delicate Doilies!


Emily Outfit 2- Emily is wearing : Vintage angora sweater from Delicate Doilies | Shorts gifted by Shola | Necklace by Anna Webber -


Shola Outfit 1- Shola is wearing : Vintage polka dot dress from Delicate Doilies -


Emily Outfit 4- Emily is wearing : Dress from Mod Cloth and accessorizing with a basket full of Delicate Doilies treasures -


Shola Outfit 2- Shola is wearing : Vintage Japanese co-ord from Delicate Doilies -


Emily Outfit 3- Emily is wearing : Vintage Oscar De La Renta knit co-ord from Delicate Doilies | Earrings from CrossRoads Fashion -


Shola Outfit 3- Shola is wearing : Vintage summer romper from Delicate Doilies -


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


Emily Outfit 1- Emily is wearing : Vintage blouse from Delicate Doilies | Shorts are Vintage Wranglers -






Foster Row, a brand spanking new collective art space, is hosting a Delicate Doilies pop-up for the month of August so hoof it on down to check out the gorgeous new space and try on some Delicate Doilies Vintage!


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset- Delicate Doilies mascot, Reva -


Foster Row is located at 5300 SE Foster Road in Portland, ORE. and you can follow them on Instagram @foster_row

Shop Delicate Doilies online and follow them on Instagram @delicatedoilies

All photos by Shola Lawson. Check out her website, Shot by Shola, and follow her on Instagram @shotbyshola


Thanks so much, Doilies! Kiss_emoticon

around portland : barrow sample sale

August 13, 2014




Heads up, Portland! One of my fave local jewelry lines, Barrow, will be holding a not-to-be-missed sample sale / trunk show this Saturday at Duplex Gallery in Old Town from 10AM – 3PM.

Barrow’s rad hostesses have alerted prospective guests to expect mimosas, a lovely handmade gift with qualifying purchases, 25% – 50% off older designs & samples, and 10% off new designs.






barrow 4- Photos by Pxlvue -


I am super pshyched to see Barrow’s new designs and add some more pieces to my collection. I’ll see you there!

miscellany : sophie

August 12, 2014

I’ve not been able to find any specifics on who Sophie is but these tracks I’ve found are pretty much what I’m most into currently- a genre described by vice columnist, Ryan Bassil, as ‘post-ringtone music’. Yeah, that works for me -







around portland : burgers at old gold

August 11, 2014



If it hasn’t been clear before, let me just say that I’m a card carrying burgerphile – or at least, I would be if such a card existed. As such, you may have noticed my asking the VGS Rad Ladies where their favorite burgers are and it stood to reason that I should share my top spots too. This is my first installment in that endeavor and I’m starting with North Portland’s Old Gold. With a summer-perfect patio, quirky modern interior and a cocktail menu boasting an array of unique and well mixed libations, it’s a favorite with locals and worth the trip for those in other quadrants too.

My favorite cocktail, the About Thyme, combines bourbon, freshly squeezed orange juice, house made thyme syrup, pomegranate & lemon juices with a dash of orange bitters to create a refreshing cocktail whose sweetness is balanced out with bright herbal notes. Not into cocktails? Old Gold also boasts a hefty selection of whiskeys, and all the other things one comes to expect.








Though what really brings me in is the burger. One of the few places I know of in town that skips the classic beef patty standard, their nicely seasoned elk patty has a lovely snap in its texture and comes dressed with garlic aioli, sour cherry relish and fontina cheese. It’s a simple combination whose flavors combine to create something greater than the sum of its parts. I also give bonus points for the lightly toasted bakery bun that doesn’t get bogged up in grease or condiments, which is the case here.








Old Gold is located at 2105 N Killingsworth in Portland, OR and has a breakfast menu too!

around portland : wildfang

August 6, 2014

Bursting onto the indie fashion scene last year, Portland’s Wildfang has elevated tomboy dressing to a whole new level of accessibility and inclusiveness. Stocking a growing collection of their own designs in addition to other brands, their fierce yet playful aesthetic attracts customers ranging from Teagan and Sara and Janelle Monae to local fashion mavens and ladies who just want to dress down for a change. Their appeal is so prolific that my friend Jessica, known for wearing skirts, heels and bright lipstick more often that not, has been dying to try out some of their looks. So we decided to stop by Wildfang’s brick & mortar and let their resident stylist, Tashina, give her a true tomboy makeover -


IMG_3743- Before: a typical Jessica look -






IMG_3806- Jessica is wearing : scattered pack tank | canyon patch jeans | ollie hightops | suspenders -




IMG_3851- Jessica is wearing : wolf pack embroidered crew | colmillo shirt | mapplethorpe pants | mojave wingtips -






IMG_3855- melt my heart tee -




IMG_3877- Jessica is wearing : kiel shirt | tom boy tee | memoir stitch jeans | portland jacket -


IMG_3811- chimara derby -




IMG_4006- Jessica is wearing : bandana pants | portland tee | wild life hat | houdina necklace -




IMG_4013- Wildfang stylist, Tashina -


Huge thanks to Wildfang and Tashina! We had an awesome time hanging at ‘the fort’ and will definitely be stopping in again soon … In fact, probably really soon for me cos I’m totally pining over the WF pack collection!


August 5, 2014

I just re-discovered this Toro y Moi video my good friend Jordan Kim directed a few years back. This video has it all: haunted house exploration, gruesome murders and a dance party at the end. I don’t know about you, to me that all equates to timeless perfection -


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