around portland : yi zhou’s body memory

November 30, 2015

Beijing-based artist Yi Zhou began working on her Body Memory project in 2013 based on the hypothesis that ‘the body itself is capable of storing memories, as opposed to only the brain’. The project has since evolved into Body Memory clinics and workshops wherein ‘Dr.’ Yi Zhou, complete with white lab coat, casts body parts which can then be turned into jewelry. Having cast fingers, toes, noses, mouths, ears, and even breasts, Yi Zhou views the plaster models as ‘memory containers’, further explaining ‘although the person is not physically present [the casted body part] could recall memories associated with that person.’

Currently, Yi Zhou is in NYC completing an artist-in-residence program with Flux Factory and will be taking a quick hiatus to visit Portland from December 3rd through December 7th. I’ve been excitedly helping to set up Body Memory workshops during her stay here and wanted to share when and where you’ll have the opportunity to meet Yi Zhou and even cast your own body part …





If you’re interested in a Body Memory workshop choose the option you prefer (Thursday at Composition Gallery, Sunday at Milk Milk Lemonade or Monday at The Jupiter) and sign up here. You can also stop into any of the above events to simply meet Yi Zhou, view her in action, or see previous work from her. We hope to see you at one or all of Yi Zhou’s events!

indie designers : strange vacation

November 27, 2015

Strange_Vacation (3 of 5)

Kelly Wehner and Jenny Czinder are two legit biker babes. After becoming friends and riding together for the last few years (including the annual Babes Ride Out to California), Kelly and Jenny grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of stylish and functional riding gear for women. Though it took a few years, they did something about it and are now the proud designers / entrepreneurs behind Strange Vacation.

Though I’m terrified of motorcycles myself, I greatly admire those who can move past the vulnerability of being exposed on such a powerful machine and appreciate the exhilaration I can only assume comes with riding. I’m also a huge fan of the look and fell in love with the pared down no-fuss design of their Original Motorcycle Jacket right away. Arguably a fashion staple as much as functional gear, I love how Kelly and Jenny stripped their motorcycle jacket down to it’s best elements (goodbye, useless belt!) while working with domestic producer, Vanson Leather, on manufacturing.

I had to know more and was psyched when Kelly and Jenny agreed to an interview about their fledgling line. Read on to learn how they got started, what their biggest challenge has been, their dream ride and more …


VGS: Who is Strange Vacation: How do you know each other and how did you decide to work together?

SV: Strange Vacation was founded by Jenny Czinder and Kelly Wehner. We met in San Francisco about 8 years ago. At the time Jenny was living in SF and Kelly was down visiting a mutual friend. We didn’t become close friends until Jenny moved to Portland a few years ago. We decided to work together because we share similar passions, we both saw a hole in the motorcycle market & we both have the amazing trait of being total weirdos!

VGS: Strange Vacation came from your frustration at the lack of stylish motorcycle gear for women, what was the process of getting your idea off the ground?

SV: We had the idea to start Strange Vacation about 3 years ago, but we both had other full time jobs that took up the majority of our time so the process was pretty slow to start. We basically just started asking anyone and everyone we knew with experience for advice or recommendations regarding starting a business, manufacturers, lawyers, etc. This was new territory for both of us on many levels so there was a lot of baby stepping and trial and error. It’s been a roller coaster ride but through all of it, even the frustrating moments, we have and are still, learning so much about what it means to run a company like this, as well as learning a lot about ourselves and what we’re capable of. I don’t think either us ever imagined ourselves doing anything like this, but look at us now…we’re in the thick of it and having a great time!

VGS: Tell me about your designs, how much is form and how much is function? How do you make the two work together?

SV: Our designs are an even fusion of function, style & form. We feel that often women’s product tends to lack the functionality of men’s product in general. If it is focused on functionality, the look of it is totally off. Our goal is to consistently create a hybrid in the core of our products. We want girls to be stoked to wear our shit when they aren’t riding. When they are riding we still want them to look awesome, but also be comfortable and protected.

Our balance of form & function work together because our design aesthetic is based around minimalism. We will never make over designed product for the sake of looking functional, but not actually being functional. In many instances the functionality informs the style of the jacket. In our case we have a limit on going overboard. We include essential functional features which creates a simplistic look. Being forward thinking about our trims, materials, fit & silhouette adjustments are where the balance of style plays into our core items.

VGS: Tell me about your collaborations with Vanson and Columbiaknit … Was it important to you that the clothing be manufactured in the US?

SV: The partnerships we have with Vanson & Columbiaknit are essential to the brand. Supporting US manufacturers is extremely important to us. The core of Strange Vacation is based around that concept. That does not mean we aren’t open to working with manufacturers outside the US on our fringe pieces, but for our foundation pieces we are in love with the idea of continuing our partnerships with these two factories. The quality of workmanship, materials, machinery & people are all mind blowing. Each of our pieces literally comes with a little bit of history. Beyond all of that, Vanson is a leader in the motorcycle world. If anyone knows how to make protective gear, it’s them.


VGS: What about ladies who don’t ride but love the look? Is Strange Vacation for them too?

SV: Strange Vacation is absolutely for all ladies! The ladies that ride motorcycles or mopeds, or prefer to simply be a passenger, or have no interest in two wheels and just love our product. We offer a great range of product at different prices because we want everyone to be able to be a part of what we’re doing.

VGS: Strange Vacation was three years in the making, what was your biggest challenge along the way and how did you overcome it?

SV: The biggest challenge at first was putting in enough time to make it actually happen. We had full time jobs that took all our attention and so for awhile it felt like Strange Vacation was going no where. Once things started to take off, a little over a year ago, the challenge became taking everything in stride, not getting too overwhelmed and just trusting that everything was and is going to work out the best way it possibly can!

VGS: What was your biggest inspiration while creating Strange Vacation? What is inspiring you now for the future?

SV: Our biggest inspiration in starting Strange Vacation is the women who ride, and the simple lack of rad apparel for those women. We’ve also been super inspired by other women in the world who have started their own businesses of all types. We never really saw ourselves doing anything like this, but now that we are it’s been one of the most empowering, fun experiences for both of us. Our inspiration moving forward is to continue to provide apparel that is as functional as it is stylish but we’d really like to push that balance and take things to a stranger place though one that’s still sexy.

VGS: What is your ultimate dream ride? Which Strange Vacation items (current or planned) would you take with you?

SV: The ultimate dream ride would be one that didn’t have to end. A continuous tour of all the roads there are! For that we’d bring everything we currently make, and if there’s something we need that we don’t already or can’t find then we’ll start making whatever that is, too. We wouldn’t bring Strange Vacation product with us just because we made it and love it, but because it all works, fits and looks how we want.

matchesProduct photos: Molly Quan





Strange_Vacation (5 of 5)

Shop Strange Vacation for yourself or the badass lady in your life and follow @strange.vacation on Instagram for inspiring shots and news on new items as they hit the shop.

look book : tanner ann

November 24, 2015

An avid thrifter in my teens, I recently re-discovered my love of vintage with some help from my friend Hillary Boles. Arguably one of the best vintage curators to be found anywhere, Hillary combines her love of both nineties avant garde and contemporary minimalist styles and her talent for finding vintage treasures in a way that can only be described as genius. Inspired by the styles of Jil Sander, Comme des Garçons, and Issey Miyake, Hillary expertly curates vintage pieces that achieve the look for a mere fraction of the price and with re-use in mind.

Taking the leap from Etsy to her own dedicated site last week, Hillary’s for now online-only shop Tanner Ann is better than ever. With finds ranging from the 40’s to the 90’s, Tanner Ann offers true affordable luxury to those in the know … which now includes you. Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at Tanner Ann’s first look book which was styled and shot by Hillary –

Tanner_Ann_1Tanner_Ann_2Tanner_Ann_3Tanner_Ann_4Tanner_Ann_5Tanner_Ann_6Tanner_Ann_7Tanner_Ann_8Tanner_Ann_9Tanner_Ann_10Tanner_Ann_11Photos and styling: Hillary Boles

Model: Amanda Hatheway





Shop Tanner Ann online and follow @_tannerann_ on Instagram for a first look at new pieces which Hillary adds to the shop each week.

indie designers : bts with zoe cope

November 23, 2015

Zoe_Cope (16 of 31)

This is the story of Moonrise, the latest collection from Portland jewelry designer Zoe Cope. Having moved to Portland from the Bay Area earlier this year, Zoe already had a successful jewelry line under her belt with Birds N Bones (which she co-operates with partner Ashley Bagasse). Looking to expand her creative outlets she began work on her own designs and Zoe Cope Jewelry was born. Earthbound was her first line and it saw Zoe hand forming ‘geode’ shells in sterling silver and expertly lining them with crushed gem stones. The results were beautiful and wholly unique.

It was while vacationing in Europe this summer that Zoe was inspired to try new designs: ‘The idea for this collection came while I was in Milan. My Airbnb host Letizia introduced me to her friend, Daniela De Marchi, a fellow jewelry designer. She was absolutely amazing and took the time to talk with me about my previous work. She suggested that I stick with the general idea found in my Earthbound collection but experiment with a different shape. That really opened my mind up to thinking of new designs that I hadn’t considered before.’

While working on those new designs Zoe decided to simplify the gems she used, focusing solely on black tourmaline. She also decided to switch up the smooth finish of her silver shells in favor of reticulated silver. Says Zoe, ‘It’s a technique where the fine silver is brought to the top of the metal using heat from a torch and results in a gorgeous textured surface. Just as mountain shadows change with the shifting sun, the shadows on a reticulated surface shift as the wearer moves.’

Zoe_Cope (1 of 31)

With Moonrise beginning to take shape, Zoe began to work out the story for the new line: ‘The reticulated silver also reminds me of the surface of the moon and I wanted to find a theme to connect the designs. I love Greek mythology and thought of the goddess Artemis right away. A huntress, she is affiliated with the moon, and is seen as a hero for animals and a guide for heroes. The necklace shapes are similar to a lyre which she is often depicted with. I designed the moon studs and necklaces with the idea that they be simple, wearable, and perfect for running through the wilds on a hunt.’

When Zoe invited me to the look book shoot for Moonrise to take behind the scenes photos, I was all in. Shot by Carmen Blu in her home studio with plants provided by Alli Schreck of Bramble Floral, the mood was equal parts fun and down to business. Says Zoe, ‘For the lookbook shoot, I envisioned the model embodying aspects of Artemis’ strength and confidence. Maddison did a fantastic job showing the vulnerability of the virgin goddess along with the inner fire and composure of a huntress. I wanted to use tropical leaves to bring an element of wildness to the images.’

Zoe_Cope (29 of 31)Zoe_Cope (26 of 31)Zoe_Cope (4 of 31)Zoe_Cope (7 of 31)Zoe_Cope (2 of 31)Zoe_Cope (5 of 31)Zoe_Cope (13 of 31)Zoe_Cope (20 of 31)Zoe_Cope (22 of 31)Zoe_Cope (24 of 31)Zoe_Cope (23 of 31)Zoe_Cope (30 of 31)Zoe_Cope (31 of 31)Zoe_Cope (18 of 31)Zoe_Cope (28 of 31)




The Zoe Cope Jewelry Moonrise collection is available to shop here.

While you’re at it, follow @zoe_cope_jewelry on Instagram to see Carmen’s lovely images and stay up on sales, pop-ups and more.


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rad ladies : laura housgard

November 19, 2015

Laura (3 of 10)

Meet Laura Housgard – perhaps you’ve heard her secret? It happens to be one of the best secrets when it comes to local shopping after all. Starting out online with a curated collection of Swedish designed clothing and accessories, Laura left the online-only realm and quietly opened Johan (aka #shhhshop) in her living room earlier this year. Inspired by Scandi-design in part by her heritage and in part from a stint studying abroad in Sweden, Johan is a small but delightful space where you’ll still find items imported from Sweden, now mixed in with locally made items – all with a focus on high quality and high design.

Totally intrigued by what it takes to give up your living room to realize your dream (and Laura’s winning personality) I decided she was well-deserving of a Rad Lady feature. Read on to learn all about it plus the original Johan, Laura’s thoughts on Portland, and truffle fries.

Laura (8 of 10)

VGS: First, I think everyone needs to hear the story of your multi hyphenate great-grandfather who inspired the name of your shop …

L: Johan is my grandfather with three greats! I thought it was four, but after visiting with some Swedish relatives in September, I discovered Johan August Magnusson is actually my great great great grandfather. We have a family farmhouse in southern Sweden that he remodeled and made major improvements to in the late 1860’s. On top of that, he worked day in and day out tilling and farming the rocky land. He planted cherry trees and in the summers would sell cherries in town. There are tales of him being resourceful, determined, and a bit of a dreamer – all traits I see in myself. The first time I studied in Sweden I had the opportunity to visit the farmhouse and meet some of our distant family members. It was then that I fell head over heels for Johan’s story and essentially all things Swedish.

VGS: You studied marketing + branding in Sweden. How did that come about? What was your experience studying abroad?

L: I studied abroad in Lund, Sweden in 2007, then in 2009 I went back for a master’s program in marketing and brand management. Both experiences were incredible! I loved the cobblestone streets, biking everywhere, the big parks and gardens, partying with my international student friends, trips to Stockholm, snowy winters – I could go on! I really didn’t want to leave. That’s probably why I can’t fully tear myself away from the Scandinavian aesthetic, even in the #shhhshop.

VGS: How long was Johan online-only? Tell me about the process of deciding to turn your living room into a retail space. 

L: I started online while living in Brooklyn in 2012. I had always wanted a brick and mortar space, but it didn’t feel feasible until recently. I moved back to Portland in 2014 and began brainstorming low risk ways to try out brick and mortar. I was intrigued by the idea of having a shop in an apartment – similar to The Apartment by The Line in New York and the Bless Home in Berlin. When this space came along, I knew I had to give it a shot.

My landlord is very anti-government, and anti-authority in general, so he was actually the one who suggested I put a shop in the living room. He said no signs or sandwich boards, which is how I came up with the concept of a secret shop, with the “yes” sign in the window letting people know I’m open. I think he thought I was going to have a little dress shop where I sewed dresses for my girlfriends. He was a little shocked when he saw the #shhhshop!

Laura (4 of 10)

VGS: What has been your biggest challenge? How did you overcome it?

Someone once told me that your business is a direct reflection of you. Any problems your business has are problems that you have, personally. The hardest part in all of this has been recognizing that and working on parts of myself so that my business can thrive! Along with most female entrepreneurs, I am prone to self-doubt and lack of confidence. The more I find ways to fix those things (see also: self-acceptance), to be proud of the work I’m putting into the world, the more my business succeeds.

VGS: What do you love most about your job?

Getting to meet awesome people + having full control!

VGS: What’s inspiring you the most right now?

Pure Bathing Culture, dresses over pants, learning about north nodesThe Row, @mishnar, carpet, and nineties typography books.

Laura (7 of 10)

VGS: What are your general thoughts on Portland’s creative / maker scene? Where do you see it headed in the next few years?

I’m still getting to know Portland’s creative scene. It seems deeply complex to me! All I know is that Portland is not going to stop booming anytime soon, so grab your brand identity, hold it tight, and work on building genuine relationships with people that believe in you. Change is good, competition is good – I see only positive things for our future.

VGS: What’s your favorite spot in town to grab a burger?

Veggie burger at the LBB, please! And when I say veggie burger, I mean truffle fries.

Laura (5 of 10)Laura (10 of 10)Laura (9 of 10)



Portlanders, shop Johan in person when the neon ‘yes’ is lit up or shop online anytime.

For more info on #shhhshop, what’s in stock, and special hours + events, follow @shopjohan on Instagram.


Laura (1 of 10)

around portland : content 2016

November 17, 2015

Content (7 of 28)Ara Handbags

Celebrating it’s seventh year as one of Portland’s most looked forward to fashion / art installation events, Content at the Ace Hotel went down last Saturday. The first year with an open call for applicants, all other years saw designers chosen by a panel of curators; most famously Gretchen Jones, a co-founder of the event though she hasn’t been involved since the inaugural year. The open call was an interesting change from the status quo, though not one I’m sure worked to the benefit of this year’s producers as a few rooms were left unfilled – a first as far as I know.

Next to The Mercury’s Open Season series of spring fashion shows, Content is the event I look forward to most each year. It draws a large and diverse crowd and I’m always guaranteed to run into tons of friends while getting to learn about new brands or just get a closer look into the identity of brands I know and love. Sadly, I found this year’s line up to be underwhelming. In no way do I want to take away from all the very talented makers who showed up and worked their butts off to create an unforgettable experience … but there were a few that left little to no impression on me, not to mention those unfilled rooms. It just felt very light this year – especially when I’m used to the genius interactive set-ups like the ones Imaginary Authors provided the last two years including a kaleidoscopic camera hidden in a book and last year’s contraption which was custom built to send your phone on a little ride that resulted in a fun video. Then there was the year Olo Fragrance turned their room into a wooded camping area full of pine boughs, a lovely little tent, a custom playlist to listen to through headphones, and their amazing Cedar + Rose perfume pumped into the room for good measure.

I can’t say there weren’t any stand out rooms this year because there were, just not nearly as many as usual. At the top of my list was the Healing Temple set up by Topaz which provided a two-part chakra healing complete with a quick temple massage, chakra consultation, and a swipe of glitter at the end. That’s what I’m talking about! Just putting your goods on display is not enough – there have always been those rooms in years past but they were usually the exception and not the rule.

Another stand out was the mythical environment created by SE Hawthorne boutique Altar. Complete with a giant color changing moon and a 40 foot snake ‘couch’, Elizabeth Mollo played a dark and moody cello while accompanied on drums by Amanda Otto. Though I couldn’t stay and soak it in as long as I wanted, it did make me want to stay.

Other notables: Brady Lange playing a live paper doll, Human Noise providing a moody atmosphere, DIGDOGDIG’s selfie station, Ara Handbags’ Mexican themed photo booth, and Katie Guinn live painting a dress … there was also Red + Co. whose black light confessional really stood out (though I had no idea what they were about until I just googled them). I still had a good time and hope those involved with putting on Content next year look to this year as a learning experience and really amp things up.

Content (3 of 28)Content (4 of 28)Brady Lange mixing patterns like a pro

Content (5 of 28)DIGDOGDIG getting real with selfies

Content (6 of 28)Machete Pocketknife’s crystalline dream

Content (8 of 28)Content (9 of 28)Content (10 of 28)Ara Handbags brought a little bit of Mexico to Portland

Content (12 of 28)Content (13 of 28)Content (11 of 28)Red + Co. won the award for room I lingered in longest – and for giving me a tote bag!

Content (15 of 28)Content (16 of 28)Katie Guinn applying her fine art skills to textiles

Content (18 of 28)Content (17 of 28)Content (19 of 28)Human Noise provided the perfect come down room for the goth club kids

Content (20 of 28)Content (21 of 28)Topaz Magic living up to their name with a magical healing temple

Content (23 of 28)Allison Ulmer showed off some gorgeous work in what felt a little like a yellow version of the red room from Twin Peaks … though the jewelry is undeniably beautiful, the room was not as cool as it may have just sounded

Content (24 of 28)I don’t even know whose room this was but it was filled with dioramas and who doesn’t like dioramas?

Content (25 of 28)Content (26 of 28)Content (27 of 28)A red-toned party room from A Girl Named Georges

Content (28 of 28)Giant moon by Altar – this thing was so big I couldn’t really capture much else but if I’d had more time this is where I would have hung out after my chakra healing from Topaz



sister style : maja

November 13, 2015

Artist Maja Długołęcka of Maja Made caught my attention with her art first, and reasoning that someone with such a mastery of color and composition must also have a great sense of personal style, I got in touch to see if she would be interested in modeling for a Sister Style feature. She was and how psyched was I when I found that not only does Maja possess gorgeous bone structure but she’s mad stylish too? So much so that she’s got an occasional modeling habit. Having been featured in a spring look book for Primecut and having just shot with Make It Good, it seems my instincts served me well.

Arriving at Maja’s lovely Nob Hill apartment, I was immediately charmed by her cozy abode and super sweet demeanor. Having caught her while working on a painting, Maja’s black jeans, top knot + glasses-as-headband combo, and blanket scarf were the perfect choice for an artist at work on a damp autumn day. After chatting about friends we have in common, her art, and just style in general we got down to business –

Maja (1 of 41)Maja (2 of 41)Maja (3 of 41)Maja (16 of 41)

VGS: What is your first fashion related memory?

M: Well as a child I had these sparkly denim jeans: dark wash, bell-bottom cut with sparkles all over. They were my favorite jeans up to the day my best friend (since 2 years old and still today, she’s my roommate in fact) spilled her ice cream sundae all over them. It was a pretty heart-breaking moment from my childhood.

Maja (5 of 41)Maja (8 of 41)Maja (9 of 41)Maja (13 of 41)

VGS: How does being an artist influence your personal style?

M: Honestly? I have paint splatters on nearly every article of clothing, that’s the dead giveaway. And my hands too. I’ll hand someone my card at the coffee shop and they’re probably thinking “…do you wash your hands or…?” I’ve started thrifting cute clothes that I give myself permission to get paint on so I can salvage some of my nicer articles of clothing. Other than paint splattered clothing, I think it’s interesting because with art I enjoy making abstract patterns and colors. I really love accents like that in the home on a pillow or blanket for example– but my personal style is very simple. I’ve always loved Da Vinci’s quote; “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Maja (11 of 41)Maja (14 of 41)Maja (10 of 41)Maja (6 of 41)

VGS: What’s one item you can never have too many of?

M: Shoes. They always fit right and they can upgrade any outfit.

Maja (15 of 41)Maja (17 of 41)Maja (18 of 41)Maja (20 of 41)Maja (21 of 41)Maja (23 of 41)

VGS: Which designers / shops / brands should readers be checking out?

M: I’m a big fan of Acrimony, Jenny Chung has done an impeccable job curating their clothing as well as her jewelry line No. 3. I adore Heather Day’s abstract work and Lotta Nieminen is an inspiration to me as well, she’s an incredible illustrator/designer. I’m also a sucker for pretty rings and Cassie of Altar has done a beautiful job curating local and ethically sourced pieces. I’m especially loving the rings from Sea Pony Couture and any perfume from Imaginary AuthorsCape Heartache + Falling into the Sea being my favorites.

Maja (25 of 41)Maja (26 of 41)Maja (33 of 41)Maja (37 of 41)Maja (40 of 41)Maja (35 of 41)Maja (38 of 41)




Big thanks to Maja – I had the best time getting to know her and peek into her closet.

Check out Maja’s art and graphic design work here and follow her on Instagram @maijkah for glimpses of her creative life.

look book : iron oxide’s prism

November 11, 2015

Ever since Iron Oxide hit my radar a few years back, I’ve been a huge fan of designer Amy Fox’s beautiful + edgy handmade jewelry. Focusing on minerals like quartz, amethyst and citrine (to name a few), Amy works with each stones natural beauty, adding metal details to create works of wearable art. The vibe is witchy and opulent, but not so opulent that you won’t want to wear your Iron Oxide pieces all the time. For designs so rich and full of power, they magically go with just about everything.

I’m really excited by Iron Oxide’s latest collection, Prism, as it’s introducing lovely new shapes and designs to the already fully formed line. New rings showcase labradorite and Herkimer diamonds in arcadian horseshoe settings, mixed materials create more interest, and I love the pared down takes on Amy’s original ladder necklace designs in both necklaces and earrings – all highlighted in Iron Oxide’s new look book. Shot during the golden hour by talented photographer Myles Katherine, the airy, dreamy feel compliments the jewels perfectly –

IMG_7937IO PRISM2Prism Final EditsIMG_7792IO PRISM3IMG_7857IMG_7764Prism Final Edits2IMG_7612Prism Final Edits3IMG_7374Prism Final Edits4Photos by Myles Katherine Coleman | MUAH by Gina Campbell


Shop Iron Oxide’s new collection here or in Portland at Iron Oxide stockist Altar. Be sure to follow @ironoxidedesigns on Instagram to stay up to date on sales, new items, Amy’s inspirations, and much more!

around portland : boos n’ booze at darling distraction

November 4, 2015

BoosNBooze (3 of 15)

Last week on the eve of Halloween truly darling stationary and gift shop Darling Distraction welcomed girl boss illustrators Sara M Lyons, Brianna Bulski, and Tuesday Bassen for a special evening of Boos N’ Booze. Encouraged to dress-up, shoppers were treated to the delightful presence of said lady babes, all visiting from out of town, plus their wares, treats (including glittery s’mores), and drinks. Sounds like a perfect Friday to me.

BoosNBooze (1 of 15)BoosNBooze (10 of 15)BoosNBooze (2 of 15)BoosNBooze (6 of 15)

It was such a major treat to meet all three ladies, all of whom I’ve admired for a while now. I picked up some new nail decals and a few pins from Sara, an adorable little mug from Tuesday (I’m gonna turn it into a planter!), and a mothertrucking Unicone pin from Brianna. Best costume of the night was hands down Distracted Darling Victoria’s turn as Tuesday’s Night Ranger character …

BoosNBooze (8 of 15)BoosNBooze (14 of 15)BoosNBooze (5 of 15)BoosNBooze (12 of 15)BoosNBooze (15 of 15)





Mark your agenda now and join me at Darling Distraction later this month for another sugar sweet pop-up event, Pop Rocks N’ Shop. Featuring mega talented ladies Violet Tinder and Little Arrow aka Brianna Bulski. Yup, that Brianna Bulski – catch her again and join the Unicone Club!

dj big booty judy falls back

November 3, 2015

Halloween has come and gone and we’re all waking up after an extra hour’s sleep to the cold hard fact that fall is upon us with winter not too far behind. Today, DJ Big Booty Judy is offering up a cozy mix to warm your insides and soothe your soggy soul …

Says Judy: Change your clock, bundle up, change your season. A mix to listen to while you’re cozied up by the fire.

Fall Back from DJBigBootyJudy on 8tracks Radio.





Join DJ Big Booty Judy this coming Saturday, 11/7 for some more cozy tunes at The Tannery Bar from 8pm – midnight. See you there!

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