sister style : courtney

October 23, 2014

Today’s Sister Style is coming at you all the way from Detroit! Courtney Spivak caught my attention via Instagram with her bold and always on point neo-eighties styling. Courtney is also one half of dark new wave duo, Ex American, who are definitely worth checking out. Seriously though, this Motor City cutie had me at the Adam Ant tee -












GREY JACKET 3- Photos by Christina Spivak -


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indie designers : american qi

October 22, 2014

New York’s American Qi was founded earlier this year by Ariel Mitchell with the idea of melding the worlds of art and fashion in a way that is both accessible and meaningful. The result is a mobile gallery of sorts via a contemporary collection of printed sweatshirts and scarves. Everything is made in New York and artists receive 50% of the profits made from their designs. Current offerings include work by Alex Nunez, Matt Sheridan and Ariel herself -


Serena Reynolds

Serena Reynolds

Serena Reynolds

Serena Reynolds

Serena Reynolds

Serena Reynolds

Serena Reynolds

Serena Reynolds

Serena Reynolds

Serena Reynolds

Photos: Serena Reynolds

Model: Emily Cross

Make-Up: Ariel Mitchell


October 21, 2014

I hate to admit it but I’ve been trolling YouTube a lot this past week looking for creepy videos. (It’s that time of year, I tells ya.) Beyond the obvious visual here, I don’t count this video by my fave Kiwi pop-folkstress, Bachelorette, as scary but ya know, there is a definite sense of the disturbing in the lyrics despite the lush and upbeat tune. Enjoy, Creeps!


indie designers : rosehound apparel

October 20, 2014

Perfectly timed with the recent announcement of the return of Twin Peaks next year, Rosehound Apparel has released a new range of accessories for fans of the show. I love the mugs featuring memorable quotes from the show paired with emoji and would love to add all those buttons and pins to the Fire Walk with Me tote. Snap up your favorites and wear them to your local diner next time you meet a friend for coffee & pie -




sister style : shola

October 16, 2014

You might already know Shola Lawson as one half of rad vintage shop, Delicate Doilies, and as the fabulously talented analog photographer, Shot by Shola (see here and here). What you might not know is what an absolute delight she is – I’m not entirely positive but I think the term ‘good egg’ was coined with her in mind. And talk about stylish! An avid thrifter, lover of all cats everywhere and an enthusiast of Japanese culture, Shola effortlessly melds adorable with sophistication to create a unique style that I can only describe as kawaii-meets-ladies-who-lunch -
























Want more? Of course you do! Keep up with Shola via blog | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter and shop Shola approved looks via Delicate Doilies!


clothes reporter : layering for fall with mod cloth

October 15, 2014

No matter how many times I go through this, once summer ends and fall begins, the struggle is real; more often than not the mornings are dark and cold, the afternoons are warm and sunny, and the evenings are somewhere in between. The past few weeks have seen me changing my daily wardrobe more often than I care to admit and I’ve realized it’s time to bust out the old layering skills once again. Just in time, ModCloth asked me to showcase some of my favorites from their current offerings with fall layering in mind. I chose pieces that will work for most occasions and with just about any style of bottom, from a cute skirt to a skinny jean.




Fall Layering


Clockwise from top left:

Savvy Sommerlier top | Deco the Distance top | Wild and Freelance cardigan | Significant Spirit wedges | Mapmaking your Move wedges | Heads or Tails hat | Casual Influence boots


First things first, your base layer is key. Working double duty it’s the first layer in your warmth burrito, if you will, but it should also hold it’s own when you’re overheating in a crowded bar or music venue. I chose a feminine camisole in a rich fern green with a comfy drape that’s flirty and chic. The scalloped hem provides dimension along with the bronze tone beading which adds an edge of muted glamour.

Next is your main layer. It should add to the warmth burrito by providing more coverage than your base layer. It’s also the main attraction of your outfit and should have special details. I chose a pretty merlot blouse that’s a little bit 1920′s and little bit 1970′s. The pleated front, lace yoke detail and sweet rounded collar add up to just the right amount of special. Wear it in the office, to meet a friend for coffee, or for date night.

Last is the outer layer. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m uncomfortably cold most of the time and the outer layer is perhaps the most important layer since it’s what keeps me from hypothermia. ModCloth has an awesome selection of cardigans and it was a tough choice but I chose a boho 1970′s style knit cardigan in a neutral cream with wine and navy accents. It compliments but doesn’t overpower the blouse and would look sexy over the camisole. On the weekend, I would also wear it over a chambray shirt or white tee. The great thing about the slightly over-sized & open style is that once winter hits, it will fit over other knits for maximum warmth burrito layering.

Ancillary to layering are accessories. Portland is temperate compared to the rest of the country but fall and winter typically bring rain storms. Nothing is worse than slogging through your day with cold, wet feet. Accordingly, I take my footwear decisions seriously. First up, I chose a very practical but stylish boot. The low heel makes them easy for walking and the full coverage will ensure your feet stay dry. Another option are the map-patterned wedge booties from Jeffrey Campbell. Still providing full coverage, they’ll definitely add +10 style points to your outfit. And because sometimes you just want a break from boots, I chose a cool pair of wedge sandals to throw in your bag. Wear the cute & sensible boots for your commute and change into the sandals when you get to your final destination. People will be envious of your super style and wonder how you kept your feet dry.

Finally, it is known that true Portland babes never carry umbrellas. A floppy hat is the mode du jour for keeping your hair dry and pushes the boho vibe up a notch. Wrap it all together, add loose waves, a berry lip & cheek, and a neutral eye with lots of black mascara on top and bottom and you’ll find yourself comfy and stylish no matter what the weather throws at you. Find more cute layers for your warmth burrito on ModCloth.

look book : all bad days

October 14, 2014

In our current Pinterest world of inspirational quotes, gratitude lists, and shiny happy people, Portland’s All Bad Days are a refreshing bummer. Their latest collection of mournful tees, sweatshirts, mugs, totes and more is appropriately titled Damp Vibes and perfectly captures my feelings right now as the days grow colder and darker – for some of us, it’s not ok. Damp Vibes was just unveiled the week before last via a launch party at Mojave that I’m still crying about missing but we can now behold the collection in all of it’s dejected glory thanks to the magic of look books -

















- Photos by Ashley Jennings -


Damp Vibes is selling like sad hot cakes, get your faves now before you find yourself forever out in the cold and eternally bummed.


October 14, 2014

I’ve posted about Australian songstress Chela before but dang if she’s not still way high up on my hot list. Set to release a new single come November with the new IHeartComix sub-label, IHC 1NFINITY, she recently recorded this live video in their studios -



Chela will be heading out on a mini tour in support of the IHEARTCOMIX Check Yo Ponytail series. Check here for cities and dates. Sadly, they’re bypassing the entire Pacific NW – apparently they don’t know we’re the coolest of the cool.

chilli beans x yacht

October 13, 2014

Just like my habit of only buying a new purse once every few years, I’ve never been one to collect sunglasses. I have one of those faces that only a certain few styles will work on and I guess I’ve just always been happy with my classic Ray Ban Wayfarers. So it takes a lot to get my attention in that arena but the just released collab between Chilli Beans and former Portland band, Yacht, has done just that. Staying true to their spare but modern & graphically arresting aesthetic, Yacht has designed a damn cool collection of sunglasses. So cool in fact, that I’m not even thinking about whether they’ll look stupid on me, I want a pair of each design!


Shop the entire collection here.

rad ladies : jacquelyn & mikola

October 9, 2014


psco (11 of 21)


As Portland Supply Co. quickly approaches it’s first anniversary, founders Jacquelyn Caballero and Mikola Accuardi have become the go-to documentarians of the prolific maker scene here in Portland. In fact, I like to think of PS Co. as a sort of sister blog to VGS in that our goals are so similar – to provide exposure for all of the wonderful independent designers, artisans and creatives that make this city tick. Not only do Jacquelyn and Mikola cover that scene but they are part of it themselves with talents in photo styling & photography (the duo often works on look books for Portland designers) and their expert curation of the Portland Supply Co. shop, which includes items they’ve made themselves. I was curious about how these rad ladies got their start, what they’ve learned along the way and of course, their favorite burger spots -


VGS: How did you meet and how did Portland Supply Co. come to be?

J: We were always talking about things we loved in this city (cheesy, I know), but every time we were together, it was “check out this” or “have you been to…” and “don’t you just love so and so.” Slowly but surely the idea of talking about the people and places that make Portland, well, Portland, became Portland Supply Co.

M: We became friends through a mutual friend and always talked about doing something together. PS Co. started when were at brunch last November, and Jacque said, “What about Portland Supply Co?”, and I was like “That’s great, but I’m sure it’s taken!” I looked just in case, and it was available, so we bought the domain and started working on the website and refining our idea.


VGS: Which aspects of each of your backgrounds lend themselves to your work for PS Co.? What have you had to learn along the way?

J: I have a science background but had worked for a marketing company doing project management prior to starting P.S. Co. I used to love order, methods and rules – P.S. Co. has totally changed that for me ;)

M: I got my BFA in photography, and it’s been really fun getting to photograph so many different people and their studios. I’ve definitely enjoyed learning how to photograph in so many lighting scenarios and spaces.


VGS: What has been your favorite PS Co. related experience so far?

J: Shit this is hard! There really are too many to mention, we have met so many amazing people, gotten to work with great friends and had the chance to see some pretty amazing things. But working with a great friend almost daily remains a consistent favorite!

M: There’s been so many! One of my recent favorites though was getting to photograph a spread about Portland for German magazine, Brigitte. It was fun to see the city through new eyes as we spent a day going around eating and playing at our favorite spots while photographing it.


VGS: Tell me more about the PS Co. shop …

J: The store and the blog launched at the same time. It was always a part of the P.S. Co. plan, we wanted to create a online market for people interested in the Portland makers we were featuring. We don’t carry the full lines of the makers, just pieces that really stand out to us, things that we would want in our home or to wear. We also have selected vintage home goods that we find at estate sales and thrifting. There are also a few things that we have made in the shop too. It’s a little bit of everything curated the way that we want it!

M: It was always part of the plan, we wanted to have a space that told the story of the products people could buy.


VGS: What do you feel is currently missing and needed to support Portland’s creative / maker community and/or make it even stronger?

J: Exposure! There are some insanely talented people in this town (refer to every single Studio Visit we have ever done), we want each of them to do well! There is something so special about small starting brands and the makers behind them, there is so much thought put into the design, construction and image of each brand.

M: Portland is an amazing place to be a maker in right now, I love how many collaborations happen, and how open people are about their process. I think making it stronger entails individuals going out of their comfort zones and meeting with other makers that inspire them, to continue the dialogue, and inspire each other.


VGS: What are your biggest inspirations currently?

J: I’m saying it first… (sorry Mikola), the makers we work with! Duh? I always leave a visit feeling inspired. From the work ethic and ambition that I see in the makers, shop owners and creatives we visit to the inspiration that’s palpable in their environments. It’s contagious!

M: Besides the makers, of course, I’ve been really into putting on a playlist (current favorite has Sylvan Esso, Wild Ones, Beyonce and Fleetwood Mac) and looking at my favorite blogs and magazines and Pinterest and just making lists of all of the things I want to do and make.


VGS: What is your biggest challenge in staying motivated and how do you overcome it?

J: When you are working on such a fun project with a friend, it’s not something that seems to be an issue. I think loving what I do helps the most. Work hardly feels like work most of the time!

M: I’m always tired because I have a baby, so I find that coffee really helps with motivation and thinking of the bigger picture rather than a small task. And taking breaks, and bribing yourself with treats!


VGS: What is your favorite spot to grab a burger (meat or veggie) in Portland?

J: I have to go with Bar Bar on this one. It’s a solid burger, not huge, simple, and in my case most of the time it comes with a margarita – a winning combination!

M: Mine is always changing! Right now it’s the chickpea burger at Lardo, with the sage and rosemary fries!


psco (8 of 21)- Photos shot by Marissa Winder in 35mm -


Huge thanks to the very inspiring Jacquelyn & Mikola!

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