look book : st. eloy

October 6, 2015

Artist Emily Counts has had a banner year; with her art seen at Open Gallery, a solo show at Nationale, a mini feature in Gray Magazine, and now, the release of her second collection of porcelain and metal jewelry under her St. Eloy label, she’s on a roll that doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Already a big fan of her large scale ceramic sculptures and the occasional painting, I find her wearable art all the more intriguing.

Expanding on the nouveau 70’s vibe of her last collection, the newest St. Eloy designs evoke an avant-garde take on mid-century modernism that feels super fresh and exciting, sort of like Georges Briard meets Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange as interpreted by an artisan of centuries past. Bottom line, I want to wear all of it this fall + winter –






Shop St. Eloy online here or in Portland at Nationale and Backtalk. Follow @emilyraecounts on Instagram to stay up to date on and feast your peepers with Emily’s equally awesome art.

look book : sex and ice cream

September 30, 2015

Like everything else lately, I came across designer Nicole Leth’s label, Sex and Ice Cream, via Instagram. Drawn in by her fun, sexy, and visually arresting posts, I felt a deeper connection to her work in reading her captions which are so honest and raw. One post in particular explained Sex and Ice Cream’s moniker as the two main components of a past relationship and her reclamation of both post break-up, instilling in me an even deeper admiration and understanding of her graphic and poppy apparel designs.

Striving to celebrate ‘heart break, sports bras, unshaved legs, breaking up with your boyfriend at Taco Bell, first dates at Wal-Mart, teenage dreams, and girl power’, Sex and Ice Cream is more than just cheeky designs; I dare call it a ‘fuck yeah, feminism!’ lifestyle brand. I’m a firm believer that feminism is something to be celebrated rather than feared and Nicole perfectly and unflinchingly demonstrates that in both her work and attitude.

Already killing it with saucy tee’s and accessories, Sex and Ice Cream’s soon to be released new collection utilizes Nicole’s talents in quilting, textile painting, and applique via a line of modern and illustrative hand-sewn and -painted dresses that double as works of art –

SexAndIceCream13SexAndIceCream1SexAndIceCream2SexAndIceCream4SexAndIceCream3SexAndIceCream8Photos + MUAH by Sinjun Strom




Shop Sex and Ice Cream’s current collection here (and check back in mid-October for these rad dresses and forthcoming patches!) and follow @sex.icecream on Instagram to dial in to Nicole’s beautiful truth.

around portland : barrow studio visit

September 22, 2015

Barrow (3 of 13)

The lovely ladies behind Portland based jewelry line Barrow – Lindsay Kretchun and Rachel Warkentin – have probably heard me say this a million times but it’s just so totally true: While I’ve loved (truly!) each and every collection they’ve made, each time they put out new work it just blows the old stuff out of the water! It’s hard to imagine how they can be so incredibly talented while staying the sweethearts that they are.

Ok, now that I’ve got that gushing out of my system, the main reason I’m posting is not just to share their amazing new work but to announce their lovely new studio space and impending open studio party! I’m actually crying as I type this because I’ll be attending a wedding during their party and will miss it, but Lindsay and Rachel were kind enough to have me over for a peek before their big opening. See? Sweethearts! For those not in Portland, here are some pics so you, like me, can feel a little less left out on what is sure to be an unforgettable shindig –

Barrow (2 of 13)Barrow (5 of 13)Barrow (4 of 13)Barrow (12 of 13)Barrow (11 of 13)Barrow (6 of 13)Barrow (1 of 13)Barrow (7 of 13)Barrow (9 of 13)Barrow (10 of 13)Barrow (8 of 13)Barrow (13 of 13)





Join the lovely ladies of Barrow plus friends The Granite, Sugar Mountain Vintage, and Seagrape Bath + Body this Saturday, Sept. 26th from 5pm – 9pm at 323 NE Wygant.

See where all the magic happens and enjoy discounts, giveaways, cocktails from Eastside Distilling + The Bitter Housewife and tarot readings!

look book : nanushka autumn + winter 2015

September 21, 2015

I’m usually the last holdout when it comes to summer’s end; it’s my favorite season of them all and it breaks my heart when I have to give up wearing sandals and scheduling picnics with friends – until the rain and cold smack me in the face (which is usually literally since it takes me forevs to get back in the habit of carrying a jacket).

Recent grey skies and cool temps are telling me summer is on it’s way out right now and for once, I’m actually excited about donning sweaters and hats again. Which has me asking, what the hell is wrong with me?! I don’t know the answer but it could be stylish Hungarian brand Nanushka and their beautiful autumn + winter collection which is resplendent with all the colors, textures and silhouettes I want to be wearing now … and for the next six months –



Leaves Emoji


Ugh, doesn’t it all just look so cozy and sophisticated? I am totally in love with those orange felt slip-on sneakers, all the pops of color, those funnel necks (!), the composition notebook print, the layering, and the fuzzy textures.

Shop Nanushka online or head to downtown to West End Select Shop to try on select items those of you here in Portland.

indie designers + giveaway! : birds n bones simplex

September 17, 2015

Zoe Cope and Ashley Lagasse are the extremely talented duo behind handmade Portland/San Francisco jewelry line, Birds N Bones. Best known for dark and dreamy designs featuring, well, birds and bones, the ladies recently expanded their line to include a unique and stunning collection of minimalist jewelry that’s anything but #basic.

The resulting Simplex collection, rendered in sterling silver and featuring sleek, paired down designs running the gamut from lariats to midi rings, creates interest with texture, asymmetry and versatility –

Birds_N_Bones_Simplex1Birds_N_Bones_Simplex2Birds_N_Bones_Simplex3Birds_N_Bones_Simplex4Birds_N_Bones_Simplex5Birds_N_Bones_Simplex6Birds_N_Bones_Simplex7_EditedBirds_N_Bones_Simplex8Birds_N_Bones_Simplex9Birds_N_Bones_Simplex10Birds_N_Bones_Simplex11Birds_N_Bones_Simplex12Photos by Carmen Blu

Stunning, yes? I absolutely love the dimensionality of the line which, as evidenced above, allows for pieces to be worn together in multiple layers just as easily as not. It’s minimalism for the minimalist and anti-minimalist alike.





To celebrate the launch of Simplex, I’ve teamed up with Birds N Bones on a GIVEAWAY! For the chance to win a pair of Spade Studs and a Petite Arrow Cuff (both pictured above) simply visit the Birds N Bones online shop and leave a comment below letting me know which piece is your favorite.

Bonus: Snag an additional entry by heading to the VGS Instagram and following the instructions on the Birds N Bones giveaway post.

One winner will be selected and notified on Wednesday, 9/23. Best of luck!

around portland : bts with le souk le souk

September 15, 2015

LSLS (7 of 25)

Recently my friend (and Portland photographer, graphic designer, and creative-o-holic) Autumn Northcraft asked me if I wanted to check out a new shop opening on NW 23rd. Uh, duh. Which is how I came to be at Le Souk Le Souk, owner Anna Margaret’s polished and sophisticated take on Eastern market aesthetics with influences ranging from Turkey to Bangladesh, a few weeks before the shop’s soft opening scheduled for today. Immediately impressed by Anna’s stellar eye and perfect curation, I was smitten by the tasteful riot of prints, patterns, and textures in store. And how excited was I when Anna and Autumn invited me back for their look book shoot? Very.

Returning the following week, I walked in to Anna offering everyone Blue Star donuts while Autumn’s adorable mom Lisa teased up & coming model Iona’s  hair into a fluffy corona and Anna’s sweet assistant Tori helped set up for the shoot. As a wannabe photographer, I can honestly say there isn’t anything much more exciting to me than a photoshoot and I was in heaven – not only to be on set, but to be on set with such an amazing group of lovely and talented ladies.

Once everything was ready, Autumn started snapping pics of the first outfit and we all just looked on in awe. Anna chose a perfect mix of looks including a flowy dress, a copper velvet blazer, some truly amazing high-waisted flares, a bolero jacket, a kimono and even an Ace + Jig blanket to showcase her shop’s luxe bohemian aesthetic. Don’t just take my word for it, here are my BTS snaps –

LSLS (1 of 25)LSLS (2 of 25)LSLS (4 of 25)LSLS (6 of 25)LSLS (8 of 25)LSLS (9 of 25)LSLS (10 of 25)LSLS (11 of 25)LSLS (12 of 25)LSLS (15 of 25)LSLS (16 of 25)LSLS (18 of 25)LSLS (17 of 25)LSLS (20 of 25)LSLS (21 of 25)LSLS (22 of 25)LSLS (23 of 25)LSLS (24 of 25)LSLS (25 of 25)

Such an awesome crew!

I had a blast watching the magic happen and can’t wait to see Autumn’s finished pics – which I’ll be sure to share as soon as they’re ready. In the meantime, stop by Le Souk Le Souk today to wish Anna well and pick up something lovely.




What’s that? You have to work this week and can’t just flit off on shopping jaunts whenever you want? Well, that’s cool because Le Souk Le Souk is having their grand opening party this Friday, 9/18 from 6-9! Stop in to check it out: have a treat (I heard a rumor there may be macarons!), have a drink, meet Anna, enter the raffle, and just be merry.

indie designers : danielle wright

September 14, 2015

I recently learned that one of my favorite small leather goods lines, Falconwright, is no more. The bright side is that I learned about this tragic fact via Danielle Wright (the ‘wright’ in Falconwright) as she developed a stellar new line of leather bags and accessories. Gone are FW’s cheeky prints and instead Danielle has focused on the winning combination of color and sophisticated, modern design. I’m so smitten I’m almost over Falconwright’s demise –

image6 (1)image4 (2)image5 (1)Danielle_Wright_Bags_8image3 (2)image2 (6)image1 (14)




What do you think? Pretty gorgeous, yes? Personally, I’m really coveting that Pink Bucket Bag, the Ivory O Handle Pouch, the Gold and Ivory Two Tone Cardholder, and the B&W Three Shapes Necklace.

Follow @dan.wright on Instagram to keep up on new designs and inspirations and shop the full collection (including loads more necklaces) here.

clothes reporter : thrifting with tannerann vintage

September 9, 2015

Longtime readers have probably heard this story before; while a youth in Seattle, 1997-ish to be sort of exact, I worked at the Shop N’ Save Thrift Store in Ballard. Razed a few years later and replaced by a Safeway, Shop N’ Save is no more but in the year I worked there it was pretty common for me to come home at the end of a shift with an industrial sized garbage bag stuffed full of vintage cheongsams, perfectly worn tees from the 70’s & 80’s, homewares from the 60’s, and LP’s galore. The price I paid for these gigantic bags? Usually $2 – $3. This was when things were regularly marked at .39 cents and every day saw certain colored tags at 50 – 75% off. Plus I got an extra 30% off for being an employee. I know, I was incredibly spoiled.

After leaving Shop N’ Save for a video + record store up the street, I decided I was done with thrifting. I wanted new clothes, ones that didn’t smell weird or have moth holes in them. Again, long time readers will know where that lead – to me racking up debt as I bought trendy fast fashion that I usually hated by the time I got it home. After more than a decade of that, my year-long shopping ban, and my year of not buying anything made in China / India / Etc., I decided it was time to give thrifting another go.

My first trip was disastrous: the prices straight up shocked me and the inventory was more last season’s Forever 21 than the awesome 60’s knitwear gems I was accustomed to. That’s when I decided to enlist the help of thrifting maven and vintage goddess, Hillary Boles aka Tannerann Vintage

IMG_5314Isn’t she a cutie?

Hitting up thrift shops a few times a week to keep her shop stocked, Hillary graciously agreed to let me tag along with her recently. Our first stop was the infamous Bins which is basically Goodwill’s version of outlet shopping. At The Bins, literal bins are wheeled out throughout the day, filled with all kinds of goodies – and lots more junk. Though the bins are sort of organized by clothing, home goods, electronics, etc. you’ll still find random things mixed in. I’ve heard horror stories of people digging through clothes just to be sliced up by food processor blades buried underneath – and even worse tales of clothing caked in excrement. Not knowing what to expect when we arrived fifteen minutes before opening, I saw throngs of people already milling around the entrance. My anxiety started to kick in and I wondered if we were going to join them and have to fight our way inside, Black Friday style, but Hillary calmly waited in her van until a few minutes after the doors opened. Taking a cue from her, we sauntered inside cooly and she explained the set up, mentioning that I shouldn’t be offended by some of the more aggressive shoppers who might push my shopping cart out of the way or bump into me. Grateful for the tip, as normally that stuff would offend me, we made our way to the clothing bins and started digging.

Here’s where I should mention that I had a goal in mind for the day and that was to score some fall-ready items, specifically an oversized black sweater, an oversized white button-up shirt, sweaters in general, and maybe a raincoat. Also, maybe some of those high-waisted mom jeans everyone looks so amazing in. Right away, I picked up an oversized black sweater from H&M and held it up to myself. It seemed like a fit so into the cart it went. Next, I spotted my favorite cartoon characters, Adventure Time’s Finn & Jake, emblazoned on some monstrously fleecy pajama pants. I held them up and they too seemed like a fit so they joined my sweater in the cart. It’s the sort of thing I wouldn’t buy new but at $1.69 per pound, why not? We kept digging for another half hour, but besides some cool but threadbare Egyptian motif pillow cases I decided against, I didn’t find anything else. Still, I’d already found one of the items on my list so I was happy.

Next we drove out to the Red, White, and Blue Thrift Store in Gladstone. I’d heard of it before amongst my die-hard thrifting friends but never, ever make it out to places like Gladstone on my own. Overall, we spent an hour there and I hit the mother load. I found a boxy vintage white cotton/linen button-up in the men’s section. I found a super soft + fuzzy cropped cobalt blue sweater that reminded me of Cookie Monster. Hillary found an amazing vintage Saks Fifth Avenue knit dress that I swooped up when she decided to pass on it. I found a rain parka from the Woolrich spring 2015 line that looked brand new – in fact, when Woolrich sent me their spring catalog earlier this year I found myself totally coveting that exact parka but at $200 I knew it would probably never be mine. Well, thank you, Universe! I also found a pair of white leather stacked heel pumps and a large white plant pot.

Feeling totally pumped, we headed back to Portland and hit up the Goodwill on NE Broadway. I found a few items there but sadly, none of them fit so I left empty-handed though after the the major luck I had at Red, White, and Blue I was more than ok with that. In the end, I got my black sweater (which ended up being a sweater dress, even better!), my over-sized white button-up, another sweater, and a rain parka. In all, here’s my haul –

IMG_9768IMG_0811IMG_0788IMG_9761IMG_0803IMG_9773IMG_9770Photos + styling by Hillary Boles

Overall, I spent $60. Not bad for ticking off so many items from my fall wardrobe wish list! The vintage dress was by far the biggest splurge at $20. I went back and forth on it but in the end I decided to go for it because being wool, it’s crazy warm and therefore perfect for a dressier winter occasion, plus it’s fully lined and even has those little snap tabs that hold your bra straps in place, and the pastel polka dots on the top half reminded me of a Twenty-Seven Names sweater from a few years back that I coveted at the time. It did have a very long and weird tie at the waist but I used a seam ripper when I got home to remove it and you’d never even know it was there. In the end, I think $20 was well worth it. The Woolrich rain parka was also a splurge at $12 but the original retail of $200 and the fact that it looks brand new made it a must-have.

Even at fast fashion retailers like H&M, Old Navy, & Forever 21, $60 will only get you 2-3 items and definitely not high quality rain parkas, linen shirts, leather shoes, and wool dresses.  Thanks to Hillary, I’ve made a big dent in my fall shopping list and am again hooked on thrift shopping.


Hillary’s thrifting tips:

– Most thrift store racks are divided by color. Instead of looking through every single item on the rack, look for your favorite colors. If you hate purple, then why look through the purple section?

– Look at unexpected racks. I’m petite so sometimes children’s items fit me perfectly. Look for sweaters, denim + leather jackets, etc. in the kid’s section for hidden gems and even lower price tags. Likewise, things get messy quick in a thrift store – do a quick search in other departments for mis-hung items.

– Wear clothing that is easy to try things on over. Red, White, and Blue doesn’t have dressing rooms so we stood in front of the mirror in the back trying things over our clothes. I was sure glad I was wearing a thin t-shirt that day!

– Bring cash! Not all shops take plastic, which I learned the hard way when I was charged $2.50 by an ATM.

– Inspect items for holes, stains, etc. I did find a small hole in the crotch of my otherwise new looking Adventure Time pj pants but given the rock bottom price and minor work needed to repair, I went ahead and bought them. Same for the wool dress which needed waist ties removed. I inspected the seam beforehand to make sure removal wouldn’t damage the dress.

– I can tell you from lots of experience, thrift stores can leave you feeling a little icky. If you’re a germaphobe, definitely bring hand sanitizer, wet wipes, etc.

info girl emoji

What do you think? Are you pumped to go thrifting? Or do you want to leave it to the professionals like Hillary? I won’t blame you if you chose the latter, there’s something to be said for letting a professional with an impeccable eye do the work for you! I think I’m 50/50 on the subject, you’ll probably catch me thrifting a few times a year and buying from vintage shops like Tannerann the rest of the time.

If that sounds like the route for you, you’re in luck since amazing Portland shop Johan will be hosting a Tannerann Vintage pop-up this Thursday – Sunday!  If you’re in Portland, stop by tomorrow evening at 6pm for the kick off party to score some great finds, mingle with some cool peeps (including me!), and have a drink. I hope to see you there!

(If you’re not in Portland, don’t fret, you can shop both Tannerann Vintage and Johan online here and here.)

dj big booty judy works hard for the money

September 7, 2015

Ahh, Labor Day. That final hurrah before summer comes to it’s sad end and we all find ourselves chugging along in the office grind until the welcome respite of Thanksgiving. DJ Big Booty Judy feels you and has put together the perfect mix to see you back to work this week.

Says Judy: Summer is almost gone, and that means shorter days and colder weather are just around the bend. You can bid your swimsuit adieu and say hello to the regular old 9-5 hubbub. This mix is equal parts get you ready for your day + a little bit of down and out as we settle into regular old work sans summer sun (not too bad) + a dash of luck + a little bit of summer reminiscing = head out of town for the weekend.


Working For the Weekend from DJBigBootyJudy on 8tracks Radio.



For today at least, party like there’s no tomorrow and click here for more DJ Big Booty Judy goodness.


August 31, 2015


It’s that time again, time for the blog’s seasonal posting hiatus. I’ve actually been meaning to do this for, oh, the past five weeks and then I’m like, But wait! I should post this and that and … Except I’ve been so busy that’s all it’s been, just a little bit of this and that. So, I’m taking the week off to focus on new work and new posts. Yay!

So while I sure do wish this were a portrait of me this week, this sort of maxing and relaxing will have to wait for another time. Please enjoy your week, have a La Croix for me (coconut or peach-pear preferably), and I’ll see you again next week with a new mix from DJ Big Booty Judy and lots more fun stuff!

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