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February 6, 2012

happy monday! the weekend is over but the sun is out and shining and it really feels like spring here in portland. i know it won’t last but i’m trying to live in the here and now and dang is it nice to feel the sun on my face.

back to the weekend, i spent most of mine cooking. i have been working on a certain recipe for the last few weeks, trying to perfect it. i came so close on saturday, only to leave it in the oven too long, resulting in a tough and chewy brick. wah! the one good thing that came out of it is that regardless of over-cooking said dish, i definitely perfected an aspect of it’s construction. yay! even if it was pretty much inedible. i will tackle it again next weekend, hopefully the third time is the charm! i can’t wait to share the finished, perfect results with you.

i also made mini corn dog muffins, via iowa girl eats



they were so easy and delicious … and i say that as someone who HATES corn dogs! i took them to a friend’s super bowl shindig and they were a big hit. i just discovered iowa girl eats a few weeks ago but she must be very popular because someone else brought her buffalo chicken dip and our hostess said she had almost made mini corn dog muffins too. i am looking forward to trying more IGE recipes in the near future!

this weekend also saw the release of jason wu’s line for target. typically, i don’t pay much heed to target’s designer collabs but seeing yelle’s julie budet in attendance at his release party made me take note. isn’t she so pretty?!




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after previewing the collection beforehand, i decided to make an effort to pick up a few pieces, most notably the black pleated skirt. though i’ve all but weeded black out of my wardrobe, a cute, swingy black pleated skirt seemed like a worthy investment. recalling the craziness of missoni’s target launch last fall, i made plans to get up at the crack of dawn on sunday and get to my local target at least 20 minutes before their 8 AM opening time … then my alarm went off and i decided sleep was more important than cute clothes. ha!

i did however make it there in the evening and was happily surprised that there were a few items left, in my size even! and i have to say, everything is much cuter and nicer when seen in person. here is my haul, including that swingy black pleated skirt—








i have purchased target/designer collab items in the past and have passed on even more as the quality is usually pretty poor. really, i was pretty delighted by how well made the wu/target line is. yes, everything is 100% polyesther but the actual construction, detailing and fit are fantastic. i tend to gravitate towards bright jewel tones, neons and whimsical prints to make up my wardrobe so i decided it was ok to add these few delicate and feminine pieces which are feminine/modern,  parisienne and so comme un enfant! i definitely don’t have any pieces like these in my wardrobe and am so excited to have the new additions.

prior to arriving at target, i predicted the milo cat shopper would be THE key piece of the collection and sure enough, the sales associate i spoke to said the bags (and milo print scarves) sold out right away in the AM. a quick ebay search after i got home showed they’re selling for $80-$130 a pop. youch! despite my clothes horse tendencies, i couldn’t care less about bags and while the cat shopper would have been nice to have, i am not too bummed at missing out.

i hope you had a nice weekend too!

allison b-t


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