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June 13, 2013

Happy Friday! If you ask me, it could not get here soon enough and I’ll be even happier when 4 o’ clock rolls around and I’m officially OFF for the weekend. I’m supposed to join a friend this evening to see local band, Lovers, and I really want to go but sadly I think a hot bath and the scary movie Mama on Blu-ray are calling my name louder. It’s been a long, rough week you guys! I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond knackered.

Here are some of the things that caught my attention this week:


Cibo Matto discusses their breakfast habits (and upcoming album!) over at Bon Appetit


UK retailer Debenhams vows to end retouching in it’s lingerie and swim wear adverts.

I hope this is the beginning of a new trend … I mean just look at the changes made to that already gorgeous model. Though I’ve known since my teens that re-touching is a common practice, I didn’t realize the full reality of it until very recently and am just sick at how all these years I’ve held myself up against standards that are impossible for even the most genetically gifted to achieve.


Gout Taste blog explains how the Breton stripe came to be – who knew Napoleon was involved?


Scottish indie-electro band Chvrches (thanks to the gals at Duplex for introducing me to them!) announce the release of their EP, share a new video (which is currently unavailable to watch in the US, boo) and extensive tour dates.

Too bad they left off their Portland date in September. I’ll be sure to post when it and the venue they’ll play are available. **Update!** Duplex has the working video up now.


This video is quite amusing, a French ex-pat in Williamsburg doesn’t understand what a hipster is.

My favorite is the dude who is the most hipster of them all, exclaiming that she has strongly offended him for asking if he considers himself a hipster.


Though my hatred for the Lakers is up there with my top ten most hated things ever (Rip City forever!), I still love fellow Taurean and Lakers super fan Jack Nicholson – especially for having Dane Cook ousted from his seat.


After suffering from some major hair ennui this week, I’m determined to practice styling this weekend. I will be watching these tutorials from Jenny Strebe of Confessions of a Hairstylist: low rolled updo, how to bobby pin & bohemian fishtail braid. Cos that’s how hopeless I am, I need to learn how to use bobby pins correctly. She makes it look so easy though!


I am beyond jealous of Carrie at Wishwishwish blog, who commissioned the above illustration by Krisatomic for her blog refresh. I have been a big fan of Kristina’s illustrations since the days when she was just sharing her work and photos on Livejournal. I was wishing recently that I had the funds to commission some work from her myself and it wouldn’t have been far off from this – hello, hamburger!!! Congrats to Carrie on her gorgeous new blog design!


Have a great weekend, lovelies!


  • Emily Grossman

    Thanks for the link, love!

    So glad you enjoyed the post! And yes, Napoleon seems to find his way into many usual French things… even desserts!

    Carrie’s new blog looks adorable – can’t wait to read!

  • admin

    my pleasure, emily. your blog is such a delight to read!

  • Ester

    Carrie’s new blog design is definitely beautiful! I love Kris’ illustrations as well 🙂

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