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February 27, 2014



sarah vale rapp is the super fun and super sweet bundle of energy behind portland’s coolest accessories label, seaecho. i discovered seaecho last year via instagram and immediately fell in love with their clutches which are simultaneously beautiful, edgy and practical. i stopped by sarah’s studio (which she shares with lindsey reif) to take a peek at seaecho’s upcoming spring offerings and chat with her about the line and more –


VGS: Was being a designer / maker always a goal for you or something that just came about by chance?

SVR: I grew up sewing with my mother and went to school for apparel design. I knew I always wanted to be in a creative field and I am super lucky to have that in my day job as well as with SEAECHO. I feel lost if I’m not making/doing something. I have a lot of energy and I feel really lucky I was given the tools to turn that into something.

VGS: I love your fabric choices, most notably the Pendleton wools. How do you choose your fabrics?

SVR: It’s difficult because you have to think of pattern layout and placement in order to utilize as much of the fabric as you can- I hate waste, especially when using such beautiful fabric! And then you have to choose which colors and patterns really speak to you and work with the current season. There is so much that goes into it! It’s hard work but always very fun and rewarding.

VGS: What’s your biggest source of inspiration currently?

SVR: Artists, photographers and other creative types going after what drives them. The amazing ladies (and men) starting businesses driven by their passion for their hobbies.

VGS: What challenges do you face in staying motivated and how do you overcome them?

SVR: Everyday is a challenge and everyday I am super thankful. Its crazy how quickly the day can change and I am just super thankful to have this outlet and that it is going so well.

VGS: I have to know, who or what is Jaggy?

SVR: Jaggy is the most important and vital part of SEAECHO. She is my intern turned studio assistant. She is irreplaceable and got the nickname by a weird auto correct and oddly, it really fits her.

VGS: What can we expect from Seaecho in the future?

SVR: I really want to develop the line and have it be something that is long lasting. We are really looking forward to introducing new materials that compliment the Pendleton fabrics (such as leather) that will hopefully add to the line. Also in the far future we would love to become more than just bags.

VGS: What’s your favorite burger spot?

SVR: You mean burrito spot right?

VGS: Touché!









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  • Rachel

    Love this interview! It’s so fun getting to peek into other people’s creative spaces. Also Sarah you are adorable and I want your lapel pin.

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