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March 5, 2014

Fun fact: I am a native Portlander, which is quite the rare claim nowadays. Having grown up here a lot of things I tend to view as “normal” might incite people from other parts to roll their eyes and proclaim “How Portlandia of you!”. Well, duh. I’m a townie in a town that has prided itself on being unique and eco-aware at least since the days of my childhood. So when I heard about the wildcraft studio school last year and the fact that they offer classes in subjects such as making plant-based dyes, hunting for wild mushrooms and making your own herbal medicines I was quite intrigued. Very “Portlandia” pursuits to some, or you know, to others just normal and interesting things to want to learn.

Ironically, Wildcraft isn’t actually in Portland, or even Oregon for that matter, but it’s close enough and I am hoping to add some of their 2014 class offerings to my agenda this year. Here’s a peek at those offerings –


WCSS_potteryprimitive pottery : dig clay from a riverbed, hand build vessels for a pit firing and end with an outdoor celebration of primitive pottery –


WCSS_weavingframe-loom weaving : learn the basics of weaving on a hand made frame loom –


WCSS_medicinespring medicine workshop : learn to identify plants and make medicines appropriate for the spring season –


WCSS_sandalshand made sandals : learn to make your own rubber-soled sandals –


WCSS_macramemacrame plant hangers : create a unique plant hanger after learning the versatile stitches of basic macrame –


WCSS_shiborithe magic of indigo and shibori : learn traditional techniques for creating shibori patterns using indigo dye –


WCSS_beautyherbal beauty : learn about and use plants and herbs to make your own plant-based beauty products –


That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Click here for a full listing of Wildcraft Studio School’s 2014 classes, including building your own outdoor bread oven, knife and bow making, more seasonally geared herbal medicine classes, an entire ayurveda series and much more. Maybe I’ll see you in class!


  • Anna

    I think my mom & I are going to take the indigo dying class in May! Be proud! Us native midwesterners are in awe of all our PNW brothers & sisters do xo

  • admin

    i want to take that one super bad but i’ll be in instanbul. i swear, this vacation is making miss out on so much stuff! but uh yeah, i’ll be in istanbul so i guess i’ll deal, haha!

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