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March 24, 2015

Remember that time I featured clothing from local tomboy brand Wildfang? I’ve been pretty smitten with them since so when I had the chance to be an extra in a fun video project they were working on, I jumped at it. It’s a funny story actually (ok, not that funny but whatevs) … I showed up for the 9:30am extra call and after hanging with a lovely acquaintance for, like, an hour and a half, it turned out that the extra call had been changed to 2pm and I didn’t get the email. At this point I had learned that the celebs in the video were none other than Portland Trailblazer Robin Lopez, Kim Gordon, and Even Rachel Wood. Too cool to miss out on, I went back home and killed a few hours before changing my wardrobe and heading back to the set. If you’ve been an extra before (I hadn’t) then you know it’s all just a waiting game anyway.

After signing some releases, having my face powdered, and being told by wardrobe that I was good as-is (score!), we sat around for another hour and a half. It was around that point that Kim Gordon’s driver walked in and told someone in charge that he had to leave with her by 4pm. Looking at my watch, I noted it was just after 3:30. While daydreaming about Kim’s driver stranding her and my having to chauffeur her to Powell’s for her book reading that evening, we were finally led to the set for filming. At this point it was just about 4:00 and as we stood around some more I noticed Kim suddenly appear, hug one of Wildfang’s owners, get into her car and drive off. Bummer! Still, I was only a few feet away and saw her so kinda cool. As far as I could tell, no one else noticed her. Since Robin Lopez also walked right past me that morning, I had seen two of the three celebs that day and was up on all the other extras. I know, I know – I’m super cool.

Finally, we were herded into a book shop, given our places, and what turned out to be fake copies of Kim’s book (I thought it was weird that she was talking about Al Qaeda so much in the pages I had flipped to – turns out they had photocopied her book cover and put in on copies of ‘The Finish: The Killing of Osama bin Laden’). Finally, in comes Evan Rachel Wood. Sitting in the row of chairs behind me, she sat down and called for makeup, complaining that she felt gross because she just ate a banana. No one in charge heard her though so she cracked some jokes, asked for her sight line, and we began filming. Ten minutes in and we were done. I headed home, triumphant that I was the only extra to have seen all three of the celebs that day – at one point I even busted in on a mascot scene as it was being filmed haha. I know, worst extra ever.

In the end, you can’t even see me in the book store scene, though if you pause the video at 3:21 and look hard enough, you can see my Seaecho purse hanging from my shoulder in the middle of the shot. Kind of. Whatevs, it was a day filled with lots of excitement – and boredom! – and I’ll never forget it. Thanks Wildfang! Thanks Evan Rachel Wood! Thanks Robin Lopez and Kim Gordon!



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