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July 2, 2015

Gallerist, artist, dancer, and model, Kayleigh Nelson has a polished and contemporary style that I’m a big fan of. I first noticed Kayleigh modeling for Reif Haus, where she also works as a studio intern. Shortly after, I spied her at Six/Seven, Liza Rietz and Emily Bixler’s East Burnside brick & mortar where she works as a part-time shop girl. Most recently, she modeled for up and coming local designer Laurs Kemp by way of a stunningly moody video look book (you can view it here) which shows off her skills in movement and dance.

Stopping by Kayleigh’s loft style apartment which is nestled into her art gallery + performance space, Composition, in Portland’s Old Town – Chinatown district I was struck by how perfectly her personal style matched her home. The clean, open space is the perfect backdrop for her plants, art supplies, and adorable cat, Bb. Despite the incredible heat of the day, we soldiered on to bring you some solid style inspiration –



VGS: What is your first fashion related memory?

K: When I was around five, I remember my aunt having this double door closet, perfectly organized, floor to ceiling full of heels. It was a small hallway closet converted into Martha-Stewart-design-blog-worthy shoe storage. My favorite heels were the one red pair. They were within reach of my small arms and she would let me try them on and sort of shuffle around. I felt so beautiful and fierce.


VGS: How have dancing +/or modeling influenced your style?

K: Well with modeling I am often put in clothing and accessories that I wouldn’t ordinarily put on myself. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think, “Hey, that actually looks really good”. It’s interesting to see how other people style clothing on my body and it has definitely opened me up to different colors, silhouettes and pairings.


VGS: Which one item can you never have too many of?

K: Black Jumpsuits! I believe I have three so far, and I’ve been planning on making more. They are easy to dress up or down, super comfortable, and take away the challenge of having to pair a top and a bottom. Also, they just instantly make everyone look more sleek.


VGS: Which designers / brands / shops should readers be checking out?

K: I work at Six/Seven and am the studio intern at REIF so I obv think Liza and Emily (Six/Seven) and Lindsey (REIF) are great local designers. With modeling, I sometimes get clothing or jewelry for trade and have ended up with some amazing pieces in my closet! I really love the work of Laurs Kemp, resident designer at the amazing new Backtalk West. I am shooting with jewelry designer Kat Seale soon for her upcoming collection and cannot wait to own some of her minimalist, geometric designs! Lastly, I really like what Jillian is curating over at Seven Sisters.


heart eyes

Stunning, right? Follow Kayleigh on Instagram @kayleigh.nelson for more rad style inspo.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with these sweet pics of Kayleigh and Bb …






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