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December 27, 2016


To break up the usual holiday mumbo-jumbo in your feed, I’m pleased to offer something completely different today. Since introducing my Sister Style feature a few years back, my goal has always been to feature all types of women and their diverse styles (the only styles I have actively avoided are those comprised solely of fast fashion items). I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job – especially given how many women have agreed to be photographed by me for this column only to back out later on or just disappear completely – which I get! It’s a bummer for me but as someone who HATES having their picture taken, I understand the anxiety or hesitation that comes from being asked to model.

Margo Crable has been high on my list of ladies to feature forever now but after we had to cancel her 2015 shoot twice due to illnesses, she left Portland for LA and I figured a Margo Sister Style just wasn’t in the cards. Thankfully, Margo didn’t forget about VGS and on a recent visit to Portland, she met up with me and sometimes VGS photog, Shola Lawson. Having packed a resplendent selection of lingerie from her personal collection, we styled a boudoir shoot in Shola’s super cute apartment. The results are just stunning, if I do say so myself …


VGS: What inspired you to model for Sister Style?

M: I’ve been wanting to do a Sister Style shoot with VGS for a long time, and was super happy to have the chance when I visited Portland recently. I love fashion that’s centered around the everyday, around accessible/recycled clothing, and around “regular” people using the resources around them to dress themselves. I think VGS really embodies that mantra and I appreciate the way the magic of the everyday world is honored so completely by Allison. Also, Shola and Allison have such lovely, dreamy aesthetics and I was so happy to be captured by them.


VGS: What is your first fashion related memory?

M: I have a strong memory of owning a silky sort of slip as a child, flowered and intended to wear under a dress, that I liked to sneak outside and wear in the garden. I must have been … 5? I remember my mom running down the driveway and telling me to put something different on, but I just loved that slip and I loved the way the fabric mimicked the garden, the way the silk contrasted with playing on the dirty ground, and the taboo of wearing something you’re supposed to keep hidden outside in the daylight.


VGS: Which one item can you never have too many of?

M: Lingerie, DUH. Also, clogs and slides.


VGS: What are your tips for styling lingerie for every day wear?

M: I think wearing lingerie in the everyday world works well if you contrast it with the earthy and utilitarian. I have these baggy oatmeal linen slacks with a drawstring that I sometimes wear with a black lace-up bondage top. When I was in Portland last and went to the TBA opening night, I wore a strappy Herve Leger swimsuit under a giant silk men’s shirt, with knit shorts, and it felt provocative but also sort of mysterious. I’ve gotten lots of quizzical comments in LA, because I love chunky comfortable clogs, but will also wear them with a pleather corset top to dinner.

I think other advice I’d offer people who want to wear lingerie out, is that it’s important to remember that sexualizing yourself is regarded as déclassé rather than liberating at the moment. You’ll get lots of curious or snide comments, which you’ll have to learn to field. I’ll admit that it was only when I moved to LA, where showing skin and celebrating the body is the norm, did I feel free to finally wear what I wanted.

margot-5-of-16 margot-4-of-16 margot-3-of-16

VGS: If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

M: I think I’d have to say Sade’s outfit at the 1985 Live Aid concert. She’s wearing black high-waist pants, gold hoops, and this long-sleeved white turtleneck, but then she turns around and it’s almost completely backless, with her hair in a long braid on her bare skin. It’s the perfect, titillating combo of aggressively sexy and dumpy/functional.

margot-7-of-16Photos: Shola Lawson




A big thank you to Margo for finally making this feature happen and many thanks to Shola for bringing this dreamy vision to life!


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