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Votre Grande Soeur // Your Big Sister


VGS is penned by Allison Burt-Tilden: Portland native, taurus, child of the 80’s and lover of squish-faced dogs, hamburgers, the occult, ghost stories, horror movies, bright colors, prints & patterns, French pop music, 70’s disco, and all things British.

A lifelong fashion lover, Allison created VGS in 2011 as an outlet for her thoughts on fashion & style. After enduring a self-imposed shopping ban in 2013, the following year saw Allison adopting new shopping habits including giving up fast fashion in favor of independently designed and domestically produced items. Thus VGS found its niche in the mission of supporting and showcasing independent clothing & accessory designers with a special spotlight on Allison’s hometown of Portland, Ore. while also providing inspiration and guidance for building an ethically produced wardrobe. Updated weekly, VGS also provides lifestyle content, maker interviews, and style features.

When she’s not blogging, Allison works as a freelance photographer, copywriter, content creator and social media consultant. Allison has contributed to Design SpongeHoney Kennedy, Juju Papers, and Alexa Stark. She also completed an internship with She Shreds Magazine in 2015. To work with Allison, inquire via email.

VGS4thBDAY-4 Photo by Jessica Breedlove Latham 


What others are saying about VGS:

Allison Burt-Tilden could be one of my favorite women, and Creatives in Portland. I fell in love with her aesthetic and brilliant curation when reading her blog, Votre Grande Soeur. As I scrolled through her words and photos, I realized that she was singlehandedly defining this city’s trends and highlighting the best of the best. She shares radically new creations and supports artists, shops, brands, bands + friends. In doing so, she kicked off an incredible celebration, a celebration of women who create and live creative lives – Caroline via Super Babes

When I left Portland I was pretty over it, but the blog Votre Grand Soeur, which is full of gorgeous photos, stories, fashion, and events around P-town, has been making me feel a little homesick! Portlanders, ex-Portlanders, and wannabe Portlanders should check it out – Winona via The Frisky

Allison Burt-Tilden is a quirky and engaging tastemaker Shanan via The Symmetric



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