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sister style : margo

December 27, 2016


To break up the usual holiday mumbo-jumbo in your feed, I’m pleased to offer something completely different today. Since introducing my Sister Style feature a few years back, my goal has always been to feature all types of women and their diverse styles (the only styles I have actively avoided are those comprised solely of fast fashion items). I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job – especially given how many women have agreed to be photographed by me for this column only to back out later on or just disappear completely – which I get! It’s a bummer for me but as someone who HATES having their picture taken, I understand the anxiety or hesitation that comes from being asked to model.

Margo Crable has been high on my list of ladies to feature forever now but after we had to cancel her 2015 shoot twice due to illnesses, she left Portland for LA and I figured a Margo Sister Style just wasn’t in the cards. Thankfully, Margo didn’t forget about VGS and on a recent visit to Portland, she met up with me and sometimes VGS photog, Shola Lawson. Having packed a resplendent selection of lingerie from her personal collection, we styled a boudoir shoot in Shola’s super cute apartment. The results are just stunning, if I do say so myself …


VGS: What inspired you to model for Sister Style?

M: I’ve been wanting to do a Sister Style shoot with VGS for a long time, and was super happy to have the chance when I visited Portland recently. I love fashion that’s centered around the everyday, around accessible/recycled clothing, and around “regular” people using the resources around them to dress themselves. I think VGS really embodies that mantra and I appreciate the way the magic of the everyday world is honored so completely by Allison. Also, Shola and Allison have such lovely, dreamy aesthetics and I was so happy to be captured by them.


VGS: What is your first fashion related memory?

M: I have a strong memory of owning a silky sort of slip as a child, flowered and intended to wear under a dress, that I liked to sneak outside and wear in the garden. I must have been … 5? I remember my mom running down the driveway and telling me to put something different on, but I just loved that slip and I loved the way the fabric mimicked the garden, the way the silk contrasted with playing on the dirty ground, and the taboo of wearing something you’re supposed to keep hidden outside in the daylight.


VGS: Which one item can you never have too many of?

M: Lingerie, DUH. Also, clogs and slides.


VGS: What are your tips for styling lingerie for every day wear?

M: I think wearing lingerie in the everyday world works well if you contrast it with the earthy and utilitarian. I have these baggy oatmeal linen slacks with a drawstring that I sometimes wear with a black lace-up bondage top. When I was in Portland last and went to the TBA opening night, I wore a strappy Herve Leger swimsuit under a giant silk men’s shirt, with knit shorts, and it felt provocative but also sort of mysterious. I’ve gotten lots of quizzical comments in LA, because I love chunky comfortable clogs, but will also wear them with a pleather corset top to dinner.

I think other advice I’d offer people who want to wear lingerie out, is that it’s important to remember that sexualizing yourself is regarded as déclassé rather than liberating at the moment. You’ll get lots of curious or snide comments, which you’ll have to learn to field. I’ll admit that it was only when I moved to LA, where showing skin and celebrating the body is the norm, did I feel free to finally wear what I wanted.

margot-5-of-16 margot-4-of-16 margot-3-of-16

VGS: If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

M: I think I’d have to say Sade’s outfit at the 1985 Live Aid concert. She’s wearing black high-waist pants, gold hoops, and this long-sleeved white turtleneck, but then she turns around and it’s almost completely backless, with her hair in a long braid on her bare skin. It’s the perfect, titillating combo of aggressively sexy and dumpy/functional.

margot-7-of-16Photos: Shola Lawson




A big thank you to Margo for finally making this feature happen and many thanks to Shola for bringing this dreamy vision to life!

sister style : katy

August 11, 2016

Katy_SisterStyle (30 of 34)

Meet Katy Seibel; she’s a wardrobe stylist in Portland by way of Kansas, an avid thrifter who has used her skills to build an enviable wardrobe, a designer and artist who crafts accessories and cocktails, mom to a sweet pug named Igby, and a total cutie + total sweetheart.

After I met Katy to talk about her Tarot of Cocktails project last spring (more on that in a sec), I was totally smitten with her sweet and refined vintage style. In a city that at times seems ruled by black + white minimalist style it’s refreshing to see someone wearing color as boldly as Katy, who looks particularly stunning in yellow.

Katy_SisterStyle (13 of 34)

That Samantha Pleet number? A thrifting find. Nearly everything Katy wore for our shoot was a thrift store find, including all of her perfect shoes. She favors Goodwill but frequents multiple shops regularly. Did I mention Katy’s apartment is super cute and that I fawned over her pug, Igby, a lot? After that and mimosas, we hit up some neighborhood spots the style blogger likes to frequent …

Katy_SisterStyle (14 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (17 of 34) Katy_SisterStyle (16 of 34)

VGS: What is your first fashion related memory?

K: As a little kid, I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween. While I’m sure this was a source of incredible amusement for the adults in my life, I took my role as the legendary bombshell quite seriously. Sure, this was a costume and not an expression of my personal style per se, but I distinctly remember the transformative feeling that donning that outfit gave me. It was one of the first times I recognized the power of clothing to affect my confidence, mood, perception of myself, and others’ impression of me. This realization fostered an early interest in clothing and led to a love of fashion that endures to this day.

Katy_SisterStyle (11 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (20 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (19 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (22 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (23 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (18 of 34)

VGS: As a wardrobe stylist, what is the number one lesson you’ve learned when it comes to dressing?

K: Don’t force it. Trust your instincts and allow your true taste to inform your decisions. In my early days of fashion blogging, I was concerned about following every trend and measuring up to my peers. I’d pile on jewelry when I actually prefer minimal accessories. I’d wear fussy dresses when I feel best in a pair of jeans. I’d mimic other people’s looks instead of coming up with my own. That said, there’s nothing wrong with deriving inspiration from others or going along with trends – just make sure you wear what you love and not what you think you’re supposed to wear. My style is still kind of all over the place, but it’s a harmonious hodgepodge. More than ever before, I know what I like, and I embrace it wholeheartedly. On the flip side, don’t be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone. One of the most common comments I get is, “Oh, I love your (fill in the blank), but I could never pull it off!” So not true. If you love something, wear it – even if it’s on the wild side.

Katy_SisterStyle (3 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (7 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (8 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (9 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (10 of 34)

VGS: Which one item can you never have too many of?

K: Denim! I wear jeans nearly every day, so I’m not shy about stockpiling many a pair. Close runners up are vintage pieces from the ’60s (the decade to which my heart belongs), bee jewelry (I collect it), and anything yellow (my all-time favorite color).

Katy_SisterStyle (34 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (31 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (32 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (33 of 34)

VGS: Which designers / brands / shops should readers be checking out?

K: I’m a thrift junkie. Here in Portland, I frequent several Goodwill locations, William Temple House Thrift Store, Artifact, and House of Vintage. I enjoy browsing at Backtalk and Frances May and checking out Bona Drag, Reformation, and the Man Repeller blog online. Admittedly, I’m a little out of the loop when it comes to the designer world, but I’m obsessed with what Gucci has been doing lately, particularly the embroidered appliques.

Katy_SisterStyle (28 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (25 of 34)Katy_SisterStyle (27 of 34)




Back to Katy’s Tarot of Cocktails project, she conceived and created a tarot style deck of drink recipe cards. As a fan of fancy cocktails myself, it’s evident that Katy pulled out all the stops with her recipes and corresponding illustrations rendered in traditional tarot style. Not only do I love Katy’s illustrations but her inventive recipes which have not done me wrong yet. Check out Tarot of Cocktails here and follow @tarotofcocktails on Instagram.




You didn’t think I’d leave Igby out, did you?

Katy_SisterStyle (2 of 34) Katy_SisterStyle (1 of 34)



sister style : caroline

July 23, 2016

Caroline_Lai (14 of 26)

Do you know Caroline Lai? If not, you’re missing out. A mover and a shaker in Portland’s fashion scene, Caroline splits her time as a stylist, blogger (and sometimes model) for local fashion industry networking group P:Fine, fashion writer and photographer for Willamette Week, and as a coordinator in Nike’s photo studio. In person she’s bright, bubbly, and full of enthusiasm. Portland is lucky to have someone like her spreading the good word about independent fashion and design.

After meeting Caroline for tea last spring to discuss the current fashion and blogging scene, we became fast friends and I couldn’t wait to add her to the Sister Style annals. Her style is preppy with a side of edge and she mixes classic black with distressed denim with pops of color like a pro, never feeling cookie-cutter. After meeting up with her at her home in St. Johns, we decided to shoot in Cathedral Park which is literally right outside her front door. I loved contrasting her style with both the abundant flora and the more industrial spots in and around the park …

Caroline_Lai (1 of 26)Caroline_Lai (2 of 26)Caroline_Lai (3 of 26)Caroline_Lai (17 of 26)Caroline_Lai (16 of 26)Caroline_Lai (19 of 26)Caroline_Lai (20 of 26)Caroline_Lai (21 of 26)Caroline_Lai (22 of 26)Caroline_Lai (7 of 26)Caroline_Lai (10 of 26)Caroline_Lai (9 of 26)Caroline_Lai (8 of 26)Caroline_Lai (12 of 26)Caroline_Lai (11 of 26)Caroline_Lai (15 of 26)Caroline_Lai (13 of 26)Caroline_Lai (24 of 26)Caroline_Lai (25 of 26)Caroline_Lai (23 of 26)Caroline_Lai (26 of 26)




Thank you for being such a lovely model, Caroline!

Follow Caroline on Instagram @carorinerai for fun behind the scenes glimpses of her fashion adventures.

sister style : freya

June 30, 2016

Freya (18 of 50)

Freya Flavell made her way to Portland all the way from Melbourne earlier this year. Motivated by love to make such a long distance move, her Ruth Radelet meets Jane Birkin features and impressive mix n’ match style convinced me right away to add her the Sister Style ranks. Her closet boasts treasures from her grandmother’s closet, collected vintage items, and indie Australian labels which come together on her beautifully thanks to her eye for mixing patterns, texture, and color.

By day Freya slings toys and cupcakes but in her free time she illustrates quirkily beautiful women dressed in what I have to imagine are Freya’s dream outfits, her drawings removing the limitations of sartorial reality. I met up with her a few months ago and was immediately cheered by her charming orange Victorian home and sweet demeanor. We talked travel and the Melbourne design scene over tea, and then we took some pictures –

Freya (25 of 50)Freya (24 of 50)Freya (22 of 50)

VGS: What is your first fashion related memory?

F: I used to have an amazing 50s style salmon pink tiered dress with silver sparkly ric-rac trim. My first fashion memory is wearing this dress around our Seattle home at about age 6. When we moved to Australia it came with me and stayed in our dress up box for years, but sadly I grew out of it. Before I moved to Portland at the start of this year I gave it to a best friend’s daughter. It felt good to pass on the silver ric-rac legacy – she loved it a lot!

Freya (28 of 50)Freya (21 of 50)

VGS: What are the biggest differences you’ve noticed between Australian fashion and American fashion?

I think Australia is always reevaluating its creative and cultural identity and trying to find its individual voice. In my opinion, labels like Romance Was Born, Desert Designs and Jenny Kee capture the true essence of Australian boldness, multiculturalism, its unique flora and fauna & Australiana pop culture (see the Romance Was Born Snugglepot & Cuddlepie collection referencing a classic Australian children’s book). I personally don’t know many US labels that explore American culture in such a literal way.

In my observation of Melbourne and Portland street style I would say the trends are relatively similar, lots of navy linen minimalism and plenty of tattoos, but while the Portland jewelry scene seems to have a lot of dainty, geometric brass, in Melbourne accessories tend to be more bold and colorful!

Freya (4 of 50)Freya (1 of 50)Freya (6 of 50)Freya (2 of 50)Freya (10 of 50)Freya (8 of 50)

VGS: Which one item can you never have too many of?

F: There comes a time when you definitely do have too much of one thing, but I do always like to have an exciting array of vintage summer dresses and plenty of pairs of underwear and socks.

Freya (30 of 50)Freya (32 of 50)Freya (40 of 50)Freya (38 of 50)Freya (39 of 50)Freya (7 of 50)Freya (14 of 50)Freya (11 of 50)Freya (17 of 50)Freya (13 of 50)

VGS: Which shops / brands / designers should readers be checking out?

F: You should be checking out my favorite emerging and established Australian labels of course! Hunter The Label, FME Apparel, Oats The Label, Abbey Rich, Per-tim, Sister Studios, Monkhouse, Kloke, Rouda, Vege Threads, P.A.M., Soot, House Of Cards, Vanishing Elephant, Verner, Caves Collect, Kuwaii, Witu, Campbell Charlotte, Mirador, Romance Was Born, Alannah Hill & Alpha 60 are faves.

For jewellery, Petri & SpecksZaric Jewellery (Slovenian but popular in Melbourne), OnoGlitter Dream Accessories, POMSBianca MavrickTilly JewelleryHolly Leonardson, Al-Ma Jewellery & The Misandrist Superstore.

I would also recommend checking out Folk Collective, a new Melbourne street style modeling agency that is always coming out with collaborations and showing off the freshest Melb faces.

Freya (19 of 50)Freya (41 of 50)Freya (42 of 50)Freya (46 of 50)Freya (50 of 50)Freya (48 of 50)




I hope to photograph Freya again this summer, her gamine charm and lovely artwork are so inspiring!

Follow Freya on Instagram and Tumblr and check out her drawings on Etsy.

sister style : amelia

February 4, 2016

Amelia (18 of 46)

Hailing from Eugene originally, Amelia Hart made the move to Portland with her boyfriend and adorable pit bull, Rowdy, last year. Prior to that, Miss Amelia was already planted firmly on my radar after I found her via the Burger Records IG feed that time a few years ago that I discovered a bunch of Burger acts. I was totally enamored with her ever-changing hair color, rock n’ roll attitude – and I mentioned Rowdy the adorable pit bull, right? After seeing Amelia model for Altar Boutique in last year’s Open Season showcase, I made it my goal to share her style gospel with you by way of a Sister Style feature.

In addition to pushing the style envelope herself (in all the best ways), Amelia is a hair stylist and from what I can tell is just about the best colorist in town. Specializing in, of course, rainbow and pastel coifs her IG feed is an eye-candy-filled testament to her work but really, it’s a close friend who sold me when she recounted how Amelia saved her from a botched dye job that turned her hair green by transforming it to a lovely platinum lavender.

Arriving at Amelia’s house, I was instantly smitten with her abundant vintage + kitsch decor, Rowdy (duh) and Miss Amelia herself: a total sweetheart and the best model a photographer could ask for …

Amelia (1 of 46)Amelia (3 of 46)Amelia (5 of 46)Amelia (7 of 46)

VGS: What is your first fashion related memory?

A: I remember being a little kid, like 3 or 4, and wanting to wear my “Rainbow Shield” everyday. It was a handmade crocheted poncho, a black base filled with every color of hand formed flower. It was my favorite garment, found at a thrift store on a shopping trip with my mom, and worn until it was much too small for me!

Amelia (6 of 46)Amelia (9 of 46)Amelia (12 of 46)Amelia (14 of 46)Amelia (15 of 46)Amelia (36 of 46)Amelia (17 of 46)

VGS: Any advice for those who are afraid to wear color?

A: My advice for people who are afraid of color is don’t be! Having grown up in Oregon, the winters can seem perpetually grey and drab and never ending. You know what color pairs wonderfully with grey? Yellow! Color makes me happy, color is more fun, more alive, more exciting. The most beautiful things in the world are bright and colorful, so why not wear them on my body and in my hair?

Amelia (22 of 46)Amelia (32 of 46)Amelia (25 of 46)Amelia (34 of 46)

VGS: Which item can you never have too many of?

A: I think you can never have too many shoes! You can wear the same solid color dress 5 days in a row, but with different shoes, no one will notice.

Amelia (28 of 46)Amelia (27 of 46)Amelia (20 of 46)Amelia (21 of 46)Amelia (39 of 46)Amelia (38 of 46)Amelia (44 of 46)

VGS: Which shops / designers / brands should readers be checking out?

A: I shop at every vintage store, thrift shop, yard sale, goodwill, junk store, anyyyyywhere!

Amelia (41 of 46)Amelia (46 of 46)Amelia (43 of 46)



Many thanks to Amelia for being such an awesome model and for letting me fawn over her dog! Follow @missameliahart on Instagram and like Amelia Hart Hair and Makeup on Facebook for more of her bitchin’ style, both on herself and her clients.


sister style : nicole

December 17, 2015

Nicole (2 of 35)

It was almost exactly this time last year when I first met Nicole Funke. It’s probably a Portland thing but I’m always so pleasantly surprised when those in the local fashion scene are genuinely nice and I was blown away by how incredibly sweet – and stylish – Nicole is. A seasoned fashion buyer, you may know Nicole from her days as the owner of beloved boutique Victory. After closing up for good last January to have more time to help out her family, she now lends her talents to everyone’s favorite purveyors of Tomboy fashion, Wildfang. I knew from the get go that Nicole was Sister Style material and I’m so excited that we finally made it happen!

After meeting up with Nicole at the new Wildfang location on SW 10th and Stark, we chatted while oohing and ahhing over the sparkly holiday decor her co-workers had put up the night before. From there we went back to her adorable Goose Hollow apartment where we were greeted by Nicole’s sweet pup, Benny. After giving him some love and more oohing and ahhing over Nicole’s covetable closet, we got down to snapping some pics –

Nicole (5 of 35)Nicole (3 of 35)Nicole (6 of 35)

VGS: What is your first fashion related memory?

N: As long as I can remember I was stealing my mom’s vintage clothes to play dress up. She was a big thrift shopper in her twenties and has so much fun stuff from the 20’s – 70’s. My favorite outfit was her 1960’s knee-high american flag leather go-go boots and red satin pajama set from the 1940’s. So yeah, I was the weird kid!

Nicole (11 of 35)Nicole (12 of 35)Nicole (14 of 35)

VGS: How do you apply your skills as a buyer to building / maintaining your own wardrobe?

N: Everyone is a buyer in their own way, curating a wardrobe based on cost, needs and taste. Buying is quite similar, just on a larger scale and a bit more in advance. Buying has really helped my own wardrobe in that I have become a lot more thoughtful about my purchases, knowing when I need something and when I can let a style pass me by. I see so many garments I’ve really gotten to appreciate classic styles, good quality and getting my moneys worth.

Nicole (17 of 35)Nicole (19 of 35)Nicole (21 of 35)Nicole (20 of 35)Nicole (16 of 35)

VGS: Which one item can you never have too many of?

N: You can truly never have too many pairs of vintage Levis! Never goes out of style.

Nicole (9 of 35)Nicole (22 of 35)Nicole (26 of 35)Nicole (28 of 35)Nicole (8 of 35)

VGS: Which designers / brands / shops should readers be checking out?

N: For shops I recommend: West End Select Shop, Palace, Wildfang (of course!) and Frances May. My fave brands right now include: Dusen Dusen, Black Crane, Wood Wood, Acne, Chapter Jewelry and Oak + Fort.

Nicole (34 of 35)Nicole (35 of 35)Nicole (29 of 35)Nicole (33 of 35)Nicole (31 of 35)



Thanks to Nicole (and Benny!) for letting me come over and snap pics!

For more of Nicole’s awesome style, follow @victorypdx on Instagram.

sister style : alex

December 4, 2015

Alex (18 of 36)

I met Alex James two years ago when I was in between hair stylists and found her by complete chance. I feel silly admitting it, but I chose her out of all the stylists I was considering because she shares her name with Blur bassist – duh – Alex James. A huge Blur fan, when I was 16 I couldn’t decide who was hotter – Blur frontman Damon Albarn or Alex James. Anyway, it ended up being one of the best methods I’ve ever used for choosing a stylist! I have difficult hair – it’s crazy thick, on the coarse side, and I have a super weird wave pattern that makes it really hard for me to get a decent cut. Alex was able to wrangle my hair into submission and I’ve been seeing her ever since.

Besides being a hair genius, Alex is the very definition of ‘cool’; having gotten her fine arts degree at PNCA during my time as her client, she is both an artist and a stylist and has the sort of personal style that appears totally effortless despite her always looking sexy, and yes, cool. I’ve had Alex in mind for a Sister Style feature pretty much since the day I met her. I don’t know why I waited so long to ask her to model for me, but I think the timing was perfect as I arrived at her North Portland home and got to cuddle her two dogs as we enjoyed some really good tea.

Alex (1 of 36)Alex (3 of 36)Alex (2 of 36)Alex (4 of 36)

VGS: What is your first fashion related memory?

A: I must have been around 4 or 5 when I fell in love with a pair of tights. They were white with tiny, fuzzy, pink hearts on them. I was always a bit of a tomboy, preferring pants to dresses and boots to Mary Janes, but I remember feeling that these tights were so precious, like wearing candy on my legs.

Alex (8 of 36)Alex (12 of 36)Alex (16 of 36)Alex (14 of 36)Alex (13 of 36)Alex (11 of 36)Alex (9 of 36)

VGS: How does your art influence your style?

A: As an artist I’m motivated by texture, color, and shape which carries over into the sort of clothes I am drawn to or how I create an outfit.  The less my style is relative to a particular genre than about letting the qualities of the pieces dictate the outcome, the more fun I have! With anything I make, functionality is a consideration and one I navigate intimately when designing a hairstyle, or an outfit because of their performative nature. Anything on our bodies should enhance our movement through the world, not inhibit too much.

Alex (6 of 36)Alex (28 of 36)Alex (31 of 36)Alex (33 of 36)Alex (29 of 36)

VGS: Which one item can you never have too many of?

A: There are many things I adore and wouldn’t mind having more of, but the limit is too critical. Considering the state of the environment and our collective concern for how much we’re individually consuming, the phrase “too much” feels weighty and encourages me to think about ways to minimize rather than accumulate indefinitely.

Alex (21 of 36)Alex (19 of 36)Alex (22 of 36)Alex (25 of 36)

VGS: Which brands / designers / shops should readers be checking out?

A: I am drawn to unique articles of clothing, pieces that feel special like they’ve somehow traveled through space and time to find you. It’s that uniqueness that makes me want to hold onto it. Often vintage items are made well so they last longer and I cherish them more. I find a lot of my clothing by thrifting. Some favorites are Hound and Hare in St. Johns, Give and Take in Kenton, and Button in Arbor Lodge. Also, Gravel Ghost Vintage is a cool online shop that has quality 60’s and 70’s pieces – and it’s based in Portland.

Alex (26 of 36)



So many thanks to Alex for being my stylist and letting me invade her home for an afternoon.

You can have your tresses tamed by Alex too, she’s currently at Pinn Salon on SE Division or follow @hairbyalexjames on Instagram for examples of her genius and monthly specials.

Alex (20 of 36)

sister style : maja

November 13, 2015

Artist Maja Długołęcka of Maja Made caught my attention with her art first, and reasoning that someone with such a mastery of color and composition must also have a great sense of personal style, I got in touch to see if she would be interested in modeling for a Sister Style feature. She was and how psyched was I when I found that not only does Maja possess gorgeous bone structure but she’s mad stylish too? So much so that she’s got an occasional modeling habit. Having been featured in a spring look book for Primecut and having just shot with Make It Good, it seems my instincts served me well.

Arriving at Maja’s lovely Nob Hill apartment, I was immediately charmed by her cozy abode and super sweet demeanor. Having caught her while working on a painting, Maja’s black jeans, top knot + glasses-as-headband combo, and blanket scarf were the perfect choice for an artist at work on a damp autumn day. After chatting about friends we have in common, her art, and just style in general we got down to business –

Maja (1 of 41)Maja (2 of 41)Maja (3 of 41)Maja (16 of 41)

VGS: What is your first fashion related memory?

M: Well as a child I had these sparkly denim jeans: dark wash, bell-bottom cut with sparkles all over. They were my favorite jeans up to the day my best friend (since 2 years old and still today, she’s my roommate in fact) spilled her ice cream sundae all over them. It was a pretty heart-breaking moment from my childhood.

Maja (5 of 41)Maja (8 of 41)Maja (9 of 41)Maja (13 of 41)

VGS: How does being an artist influence your personal style?

M: Honestly? I have paint splatters on nearly every article of clothing, that’s the dead giveaway. And my hands too. I’ll hand someone my card at the coffee shop and they’re probably thinking “…do you wash your hands or…?” I’ve started thrifting cute clothes that I give myself permission to get paint on so I can salvage some of my nicer articles of clothing. Other than paint splattered clothing, I think it’s interesting because with art I enjoy making abstract patterns and colors. I really love accents like that in the home on a pillow or blanket for example– but my personal style is very simple. I’ve always loved Da Vinci’s quote; “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Maja (11 of 41)Maja (14 of 41)Maja (10 of 41)Maja (6 of 41)

VGS: What’s one item you can never have too many of?

M: Shoes. They always fit right and they can upgrade any outfit.

Maja (15 of 41)Maja (17 of 41)Maja (18 of 41)Maja (20 of 41)Maja (21 of 41)Maja (23 of 41)

VGS: Which designers / shops / brands should readers be checking out?

M: I’m a big fan of Acrimony, Jenny Chung has done an impeccable job curating their clothing as well as her jewelry line No. 3. I adore Heather Day’s abstract work and Lotta Nieminen is an inspiration to me as well, she’s an incredible illustrator/designer. I’m also a sucker for pretty rings and Cassie of Altar has done a beautiful job curating local and ethically sourced pieces. I’m especially loving the rings from Sea Pony Couture and any perfume from Imaginary AuthorsCape Heartache + Falling into the Sea being my favorites.

Maja (25 of 41)Maja (26 of 41)Maja (33 of 41)Maja (37 of 41)Maja (40 of 41)Maja (35 of 41)Maja (38 of 41)




Big thanks to Maja – I had the best time getting to know her and peek into her closet.

Check out Maja’s art and graphic design work here and follow her on Instagram @maijkah for glimpses of her creative life.

sister style : maya

August 27, 2015

Portlander by way of Brooklyn, Maya Harper was just begging for a style feature. Not literally of course – I did the asking – but the good natured and leggy beauty’s strong ties to the local fashion scene are strong, including past and current positions at local apparel companies and modeling gigs for the likes of Bridge + Burn and talented local photographer Marge Jacobsen. As if that weren’t enough, she’s currently hard at work on a blog and hair care line devoted to curly haired people everywhere.

I stopped by Maya’s homey North Portland abode on what started as a rare cool day, though the respite didn’t last long as the clouds broke up soon after my arrival. We got down to it, and I snapped pics while we chatted – like, a lot – about local fashion stuff, Maya’s soon to launch blog, and PDX VS. NYC (we agreed that the air is nicer here but that it’s also nice to have dining options at 2am). I have to admit, spending the afternoon with Maya felt just like reconnecting with an old school friend and I hope we cross paths again soon.


Maya (1 of 27)Maya (3 of 27)Maya (2 of 27)Maya (8 of 27)

VGS: What is your first fashion related memory?

M: When I was about 7 years old I would take the sheets from the linen closet and drape them all over myself as if they were gowns. It was hilarious since sometimes the sheets were from when I was a baby and they would have cutesy prints like little animals or hearts and stars. I would walk around the house as if I were royalty and wait for my parents to comment on how amazing I looked. You would have thought I had on the latest Marchesa gown the way I was strutting. I never really liked wearing dresses as a kid but would rock the hell out of a striped queen sized sheet. This was my regular weekend afternoon routine.

Maya (4 of 27)Maya (5 of 27)Maya (6 of 27)

VGS: Who are your hair style idols?

M: Teyonah Parris from Mad Men, Solange, and Alexis and Isis of St Beauty Band to name a few. I love the styles they do with their natural curly hair. It looks so effortless and edgy. It’s really inspiring to see chicks rocking their natural tresses. Oh, I can’t forget TK and Cipriana Quann! They’re twin sisters that just own it. They’re are so damn cool and they have so much hair. Everyone should check them out.

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VGS: Which one item can you never have too many of?

M: Hmmm. For me, gold or brass rings, especially those really simple delicate ones. Midi ones too. They help me transition into those bigger statement pieces and they just look great with every outfit. Sometimes I’ll wear 2, sometimes 7. I usually get mine from Betsy & Iya.

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VGS: Which designers / brands / shops should readers be checking out?

M: Midnight Collective is my favorite apothecary line in Portland. They have amazing essential water sprays that I love to spray in my hair in the morning before I start my day. And they’re soaps are smell AMAZING!

My favorite shop right now is Pistils on N. Mississippi. Every time I need a good pick me up I go in there and purchase a beautiful plant. The staff is so knowledgeable and kind. They also sell a lot of amazing home and bath and body products – Herbivore Botanicals makes my favorite face mask EVER!

Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of black and white and Pantainanas based in Bali has the coolest black and white graphic tees. I’m all about the oversized tee. It’s great all year round.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m smitten by Maya’s sophisticatedly relaxed style.

Follow Maya on Instagram @curlportlnd for hair inspo and news on her forthcoming blog and hair care line.


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sister style : alison

August 20, 2015

Alison (22 of 25)

After I spied an Instapic of Alison Wu in the feed of local designer Laurs Kemp, I was fully convinced of her Sister Style status by her deft pairing of a Laurs banana print tank with a pair of citrus print swim shorts and kitschy pineapple bottle complete with wacky straw for good effect. That was all I saw in the tightly cropped pic but it was enough and I knew Alison belonged here. One of us, one of us …

Seriously though, not only does Alison have a fashionable job as copywriter for local sustainable clothing line Nau, but she’s got an undeniable eye for styling her collection of minimal vintage and indie designer pieces with serious sartorial skill. No detail is left out, from her modern bob to her spot-on yellow pedi – which even in it’s slightly chipped state seemed deliberately un-perfect so as to balance everything.

Stopping by her enviably white and bright new North Portland home, I was delighted to meet her sweet pup, Tilly, and lovely cat, Rue. After a house tour and some major fawning over Tilly, Alison and I got down to the hard work portion of this job. Except it really isn’t hard work when you’ve got an awesome model like Alison –

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VGS: What is your first fashion related memory?

A: Dancing around the living room to Fleetwood Mac dressed in a black turtleneck and black leggings, channelling Stevie Nicks. Age 7.

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VGS: How does working for a sustainable clothing company impact your personal style?

A: Well besides getting a very generous clothing allowance every year, working for Nau has made me selective in the brands I support and the fabrics I choose to wear. I also appreciate attention to detail in construction way more than I used to.

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VGS: Which one item can you never have too many of?

A: Shoes. Even when I’m traveling I always pack at least 4 pairs. The right shoes make the look.

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VGS: Which designers / brands / shops should readers be checking out?

A: I am really into Kaarem right now. Simple, elegant with just the right amount of curiosity. Locally, Laurs Kemp is killing it right now. I want everything in her collection. Also, Elizabeth Suzann and Black Crane have been on steady rotation in my closet for the past year or so. My favorite stores in Portland are Backtalk and Palace. Katie (Freedle of Backtalk) has done an amazing job of curating a collection of new and vintage pieces that work so well together. The new location on the westside is exquisite.

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For more of Alison’s sparkling-like-a-gold-chain style, follow her @alison__wu on Instagram.


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