April 20, 2016

To Be ...

What a year! The tip of the iceberg have been my suffering from the death flu for nearly the entire month of March followed immediately by the decline and death of my grandmother. It’s only today that I feel I’m gaining some equilibrium and am comfortable moving forward with planning new blog content.

Instead of adding to my stress and trying to crank out content right away, I’ve decided to take a break from updates to work on new content that I’m proud of and don’t feel rushed to produce. I also thought a short hiatus would be a great time to work on the minor blog re-vamp I’ve been planning for a while.

In the meantime, I’ll be updating the VGS Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr with fun content so be sure to follow along if you don’t already. The blog will be back up and running in mid-June, see you then!!


peace out

look book : stay home club

August 3, 2015

Apparel, accessory, and home wares line, Stay Home Club, drolly cites itself as ‘a lifestyle brand for people with no life’. As a fan of the brand for a few years now, I see it more as goods for people who prefer more of a quiet lifestyle; introverts, homebodies, and wallflowers alike. Imagined and brought to life by Olivia Mew, items are designed and produced in Stay Home Club’s Montreal studio. Like all the best brands, Stay Home Club has remained on my radar as the designs just get better and better –

StayHomeClub1StayHomeClub2StayHomeClub3StayHomeClub4StayHomeClub5StayHomeClub6StayHomeClub7StayHomeClub8Photos by Stephanie Lou


I dunno, that Teenage Feelings patch sums it all up for me.

Shop Stay Home Club here and follow @stayhomeclub on Instagram for more homebody style inspo.

miscellany : mammoth & co. art prints

July 23, 2014

After seven years of working on house renovations that did nothing for the interior aesthetics of my home, it seems we’re finally going to address our cluttered, cave-like office this year. I am beyond excited about this as I tend to put off work until the last possible second because the last place I want to be is in that sad, dark space. At least, that’s what I’m currently blaming for all bouts of procrastination!

With dreams of ripping up the nasty carpet, adding a new window and lots of shelving taking up my thoughts, I can’t help but also let my mind wander to decor. I probably won’t have wall space left for new art once we add the new shelving I have in mind but that doesn’t mean I don’t have other walls in need of some dressing up. Thankfully Mammoth & Co.– my go-to online art print shop- has recently added new artists to their roster. Here are my current faves –

succulents_edit‘Succulents’ by Sarah Burwash


red_mineral‘Red Mineral’ by Karina Eibatova


midset‘Mindset’ by Denton Crawford


space troy moth‘Space’ by Troy Moth


Mt._Tabor_3_edit‘Mt. Tabor III’ by Tyson Anthony Roberts


Celebration_edit‘Celebration’ by Tyson Anthony Roberts


Flora_05‘Flora 05’ by Egill Bjarki


Flora_06‘Flora 06’ by Egill Bjarki


Flora_04‘Flora 04’ by Egill Bjarki


December 22, 2013

i’m taking a little break this week, posting will resume 12/30.



 – via disneytoonland


November 25, 2013



– by mark ryden


just a reminder that i am taking this week off from blogging.

wishing you all a wonderful thanksgiving holiday!

winter hours!

November 12, 2013



as of next week and for the foreseeable future, i’ll be scaling back my regular posting schedule to three posts per week.

after the need for a couple of summer hiatuses snuck up on me earlier this year, i realized that the fall / winter season has it’s own demands and in order to keep the blog from suffering, i am acting now rather than freaking out later.

i will also be taking off the weeks of thanksgiving and xmas (11/25 – 11/29 & 12/23 – 12/27), so there will be no posts on any of those days.


miscellany : goodbye edition

October 18, 2013



today on a very special edition of ‘miscellany’, i’m saying goodbye to a television show very near and dear to my heart- TLC’s what not to wear.

a few years ago, nat and i made the decision to cancel our cable subscription. since then, we rely on netflix instant streaming for our television consumption so if it’s not on netflix, we probably don’t watch it (exceptions being ‘game of thrones’, ‘true blood’ and ‘homeland’). so it was that i spent the last few years not watching what not to wear, despite it’s status as a long time favorite of mine. so how excited was i when i found what not to wear had come to streaming recently?? i added it to my queue and feeling like being a bum and not want to do anything but watch tv after dinner last night, i queued up the first episode from the 2012 season. to be honest, i was a little shocked that the show was still airing- shocked but quite pleased.

so there i am, cuddled up on the couch, watching my for realsies heroes, stacy london and clinton kelly, opening the show with their terrible / awesome banter and feeling all warm and fuzzy. a little ways in, we’ve seen stacy in two outfits already and i am wondering who she is wearing these days. i do a quick search for the WNTW website but instead find news that WNTW was airing it’s final episode EVER at pretty much that exact moment, give or take. is that kismet or what?!

i don’t remember when exactly i began watching WNTW but it was pretty early on. most fashion based tv shows are pretty awful- the hosts are beyond lame and if you ask me, their advice is usually worthless- but stacy and clinton hooked me immediately with their sassy but always positive approach and obvious style expertise.

as i watched, i grew to view stacy and clinton as my ultimate dream fairy godparents, often joking that i wished they would adopt me. as a life long fashion enthusiast who has so often had to defend that love of fashion to those who view it as the height of shallowness and superficiality, one reason i love stacy and clinton so much is their broaching of the subject weekly. with tireless patience, they have explained to millions over the years that good fashion not only speaks to the world and says ‘take me seriously!’ but contrary to the belief of many, actually improves self-esteem and body image when you learn how to dress in styles that flatter your body. stacy sincerely knows what’s she’s talking about too, having suffered from psoriasis as a child and later issues with anorexia and binge eating. having been every size from 0 to 16, she knows first hand the body image issues that people struggle with.

i also learned about investment pieces from them and dare i say it, caught my very first seeds of the slow fashion movement bug from their on-point lectures about foregoing trends for classic, well-made pieces that might cost more but will lend years of stylish wear. i am not even lying when i say they made my heart swell with happiness and pride with each and every episode i have viewed.

i also didn’t really realize until last night how much i owe to stacy for influencing my own personal style. she always does it right and i realized just how much i had unconsciously looked to her over the years for style inspiration, recalling just how elated i was years ago when i spied her wearing the same pair of bright red patent leather ballet flats that i myself owned.

so it is that i’m a little sad today but mostly happy that stacy and clinton graced the world’s television sets for an entire decade- overhauling frumpy moms, tragic trend-hounds, relics of eras past and everything else in between. if i could, i would award them them lifetime achievement awards and ambassadorships. who else is better suited to international diplomacy than these two that can successfully wrestle away jeans and sports jerseys from die-hard slobs, bring them to tears with the realization that they’ve been hiding themselves from the world due to poor self-image and ending with said slobs far more often than not readily admitting ‘you two were so right!!’. imagine- world peace could be just a few make-overs away.

another summer hiatus

September 6, 2013


 – opal creek

i don’t know what i was(n’t) thinking but i realized last night that i need to take another short hiatus from posting. see that beautiful spot up above? yup, i’m going there for a few days with a big group of friends. i’ve only been looking forward to this for mooooonths so the fact that this wifi-free excursion is just now registering is kind of silly. i just love keeping this here blog up so much i guess i couldn’t bear the thought of another break! alas.

starting today, i am taking next week off and will resume posting again as usual on monday the 16th. it’ll be like i was never even gone, right?

as always, i will be on instagram as much as possible so feel free to check up on me there.



July 23, 2013


– photo by lavenda memory


so far my summer has been a sun-drenched music-filled fun-fest- and there’s only more awesomeness in store! the one down side is that it’s leaving me with less and less time for blogging. ironically, i’m bursting with post ideas right now! between my day job and an upcoming long weekend in seattle i’d rather take my time to flesh these ideas out fully, instead of rushing them to print under the self-imposed pressure of not missing a day of posting. quality over quantity is something i’m thinking about a lot lately.

with all that in mind, i’ve decided to take a little breather but will return to my regular posting schedule on august 5th. so please check back then for my pdx pop now! round-up, a check in with one of my favorite uk boutiques, a how-to on protecting yourself from negative energy, vacation snaps galore, etc!

in the meantime, i’ll be updating my instagram and i really am trying to do the twitter thing, though i’m still not great about it.

i hope you’re having an awesome summer too- see you soon!

nylon shop

July 18, 2013

you learn something new every day. my lesson for the day? nylon mag apparently has an online shop chock full o’ silly-fun stuff. not shopping is kind of getting me down right now so what better than a virtual shopping spree inspired by all the wicked crazy parties i am imagining attending for the remainder of the summer??


daisy romper


polka dot shirt



pineapple skirt

– padang sweater

printed denim shorts

spike ring



burger crop top


phantasm nail varnish


can you tell i’m in desperate need of a crazy fun summer party to dress up for? i know, boo hoo and woe is me! i make it sound like i’ve done nothing fun this summer so far which is a total crock. i’m in that in-between state right now (aka week days) where i maybe had too much fun recently, took a break to recover and am now getting antsy to start the fun cycle over again. it’s a good thing i’m headed to pdx pop now! tomorrow evening to hear some portland bands play under the warm open sky with friends. ah summer, please don’t ever end!

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