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clothes reporter: woolrich shoes

October 29, 2015


The folks at Woolrich were kind enough to send me a pair of their new Beebe boots for fall and though I wouldn’t call myself the outdoorsy type, I was inspired to hit a trail as soon as I unboxed these beauties. It goes without saying that they’re perfect for urban tromping, especially now that the cold and rain are setting in, but look at that rugged sole – perfect for those rocks I’m straddling which happened to make for a steep descent to the edge of a mile-high cliff. No big – I may not hike more than once a year but when I do it, I do it.


Back to the boots, as I’ve come to expect from Woolrich, the Beebe is impeccably crafted from the finest materials equalling a shoe that fits well, is comfortable and pleasing to the eye. If that’s not the perfect shoe, I’m not sure what is. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually make a habit of this hiking thing; after all, I made it to the top of Latourell Falls before hiking back to the base where I navigated slick mud and rocks with ease and looked great doing it.



Leaves Emoji


Shop all Beebe boot styles here before your next outdoor adventure, be it city slicking or forest tromping, and while you’re at it be sure to check out Woolrich’s full collection of fall ready footwear here.

VGSWoolrich101415-2Photos by Jessica Latham

around portland : betsy & iya style session

April 30, 2014

in a bid to stay on track with my shopping ban last year i avoided retail temptations as much as humanly possible. even so, i found myself drooling over local jewelry line, betsy & iya far more than i care to admit and i added them to my short list of places to patronize once i began shopping again. i finally made it in to their shop recently and realized that betsy & iya is so much more than just kick-ass jewelry! owner and designer, betsy cross is a vocal proponent of supporting small businesses and accordingly the betsy & iya brick & mortar offers a carefully curated collection of clothing, apothecary and home goods to compliment their made on-site jewelry line.

feeling like i needed some guidance from the always stylish B&I staff to properly immerse myself in betsy & iya’s signature blingtastic style, i got in touch with their resident stylist, ashley viberg who helped me put together a few different looks –




ABT_Betsy_Iya_042414-29– how amazing is the gotland necklace?? (seen here in the portland colorway) –




ABT_Betsy_Iya_042414-16– bangles 1, 2 and ring (beaded bangle in store only) –




ABT_Betsy_Iya_042414-10– i love the catenary ring necklace! –








ABT_Betsy_Iya_042414-74– trying out the power pull necklace




ABT_Betsy_Iya_042414-65– it’s all in the details! i love how these amazing morelos hoop earrings in burgandy coordinate so perfectly with my belt –






ABT_Betsy_Iya_042414-83– trying out the beautiful & dainty southern lights necklace


ABT_Betsy_Iya_042414-93– adding more color via the campeche necklace in mexico and red james john hoops






ABT_Betsy_Iya_042414-102– and because you can never have too much bling, we threw in an uppland bracelet for good measure –


ABT_Betsy_Iya_042414-106– all photos by jessica breedlove latham


working with ashley was a such fantastic & fun experience- that girl really knows her stuff! as seen above, she even fish tail braided my hair like it weren’t no thang. despite my really wanting all the things (!), in the end i had to whittle my selections down to the stripy dress & black pants (which will be perfect for my upcoming trip to turkey!), both by curator, the james john hoop earrings & a kacie ring (not pictured). i hope the the B&I staff don’t mind seeing my mug around the shop a lot more in future since i’ve made it my goal to eventually collect all the things.


betsy & iya is open 10 -6 every day at 2403 nw thurman in portland, or.

to schedule your own styling session, email anna (at) betsyandiya (dot) com.

what i wore : bag edition

April 10, 2014

we all know them: ladies that are like, ‘i’m a shoe-aholic!’ or ‘i’m a purse fiend!’. that’s not me. i love it all but tend to collect articles of clothing more than accessories, especially when it comes to bags. oddly enough, i’ve always viewed bags as more of a utilitarian item of necessity than an opportunity to make a fashion statement and as you might expect, it’s catching up with me. mainly because i super hate all of the bags i’ve collected over the years –


IMG_9968– bags of shame : the VGS collection –


as you can see, i tend to gravitate towards odd colors and patterns, which is great for something you don’t wear every single day. to top it off, they’re all functionally retarded. the most recent addition to this collection is the clava in the upper right hand corner which i got because it’s fairly neutral in its color scheme without being too boring and it’s chock full of pockets and compartments. it seemed great on paper but it isn’t very structurally sound and won’t stand up straight without constant prodding and adjustment, which is a problem when you’re a perfectionist. perhaps more importantly, the handles are too small for me to be able to wear it over my shoulder comfortably (or even at all), meaning i usually have to carry it queen elizabeth style which makes me self-conscious and really limits my freedom of movement. ugh! and don’t even get me started on the others or we’ll be here all night.

i’ve been scouring the interwebs this last year for my dream bag but excepting options costing upwards of $600, i haven’t been able to find anything that appears to be ‘the one’. growing ever more frustrated as i cycle through my collection of sad sacks, i lost it very recently while carrying that rasta/goth l.a.m.b. x le sportsac monstrosity (seriously, what was i thinking when i bought that??!! i don’t like gwen stefani even a little bit!!). in a fit of desperation, i decided at this point i may as well just start using a tote. you know what i’m talking about, just a plain ol’ cheapie cotton tote bag. i know you have a bunch, i totally have a bunch but have been using them solely to carry my lunch stuffs to work. well no longer!


IMG_9921– tote bag by reif plus pouches by paperchase, seaecho & poketo for target –


turns out it’s perfect! perhaps you’ve noticed all my pouch-centric posts lately? as i’ve suspected but only just now tested, they’re really all that’s needed to keep an open bag from becoming a disorganized quagmire. all this time i thought i needed built-in pockets & compartments but they never did the job i expected of them. pouches come in practically any size you want- and look at the fun variety! i can get my color & print fix without causing any outfit clashes! i don’t know why i didn’t try this sooner but i’m hooked now. i love this reif tote but with others starting at like, $10 i can collect tote bags for my every mood & outfit!







miscellany : unruly things feature

April 1, 2014

oh hai!

i don’t usually post on tuesdays but i just had to share that i was featured on the unruly things blog today, sharing some of my favorite rings in the ‘show me your stack‘ series … click here for all the details. many thanks to alyson for sharing my stack!!



#redstyle – embrace your personal style

February 20, 2014

recently red envelope asked me to participate in their ‘#redstyle – embrace your personal style’ campaign. as i wrap up my nearly year-long shopping ban i decided it was the perfect opportunity to share my final thoughts on the experience. march 1st marks the day i will be debt-free and embarking on a new path of when and how i spend my money- and it’s nearly here!

for those who don’t know, in april of last year i enacted a shopping ban on myself in order to accomplish a purge of sorts and reach the goal of paying off all the debt i had accrued over the years from my ongoing habit of excessive shopping. the original plan had me paying off my debt two months ago but i am fine with the extra months that came about- i hadn’t factored unexpected expenses into my budget but overall i am very happy with the experience. for one, my will power got a major work-out and largely rose to the challenge, and being (almost) debt-free is an awesome feeling! the experience also made me take a long, hard look at how and why i shop, inspiring new models and habits for the future.

first off, i’ve vowed to stop supporting fast fashion. to me that means no longer patronizing those retailers that specialize in mass-produced collections put out on a weekly or monthly basis, especially when those items are made in china or india. to that point, unless i can verify that a factory provides safe working conditions and a living wage for their employees, i won’t be buying anything manufactured overseas. instead i intend to support independent designers who use domestic production facilities. this should see me buying fewer though arguably better made pieces that support small business and/or my local economy. heavy, right? maybe but in the end, i believe this approach will have a more positive impact on both my wardrobe and my conscience. second, i will be staying within my monthly allowance when it comes to spending- no more credit. i believe these changes will make me more mindful of what i’m spending my money on while creating a habit of making fewer but more meaningful purchases.

which brings me to my current style goals and wardrobe needs. as a child of the 80’s, i was five years old when madonna suddenly rose to fame on MTV (her ‘material girl’ single was my first ever vinyl purchase!) and i credit her early videos for my initial interest in fashion. imagine five year old me suddenly and desperately coveting lace skirts, jelly bracelets and over-sized hair bows! needless to say, that was only the beginning and akin to madonna, my style is ever-changing. the past year has been close to excruciating as my tastes have changed but my wardrobe has not.  in fact, i am finding huge gaping holes when it comes to casual wear as i had been focusing on my work wardrobe just before i enacted my shopping ban. so here is where i take stock of what i have that fits the aesthetic i’m moving towards now.

first up is the chambray shirt. undoubtably a classic piece, i only acquired my first last year. the verdict? i would live in it if i could, though i am still working out the many ways to wear and style it –



– chambray shirt : jcrew / scarf : jcrew / belt : trouve / jeans : paige denim / booties : dv by dolce vita



– chambray shirt : jcrew / necklace : tiro tiro / leggings : sara bergman / flats : gap


next is the shirt dress. i am obsessed with them and scored this one at the frances may warehouse sale last fall, making it one of my few shopping ban cheats. i just couldn’t pass up a $600+ dress on sale for $65!! now i want all the shirt / tunic dresses –



– dress : les aperizes / belt : billy kirk / booties : bp.


one of the areas i am most lacking in currently is casual evening wear, something easy and cute for drinks with friends, a fashion show or party. here are my current go to’s –



– cropped jacket : fossil / peplum top : reif / jeans : paige denim / booties : bp.




– sweatshirt : everlane / dress : reif / : necklace : tiro tiro / booties : bp.


when i need to fancy things up, i pull out this baby which is a little bit witchy and a little bit saucy french school marm –






– dress : vintage / belt : trouve / booties : bp.


my last look is inspired by my friend jessica who often rocks long, vintage skirts. she is easily five inches taller than me though and i am still undecided on whether this look works for me or just emphasizes how short and wide-hipped i am. either way, i am determined to work out the long skirt look this year –



– sweater : jcrew / skirt : vintage / necklace : tiro tiro / shoes : bc footwear


not forgetting accessories, my current collection is definitely in need of more friends and i am dreaming of breaking my shopping fast with a great statement necklace and a new bag (or five). here are my current fave pieces –



– earrings : elysium jewelry



– earrings : ay marieke



– earrings : scarlett garnet



– necklace and rings : tiro tiro


rs9–  clutch : seaecho


so there you go. i definitely see my upcoming style transition moving towards classic pieces with a slight edge. in the next few months i’ll be focusing on solid basics, interesting tunic dresses, more vintage pieces and bad-ass accessories. wish me luck!

what i wore : faux museum

January 22, 2014






 – dress : mercy


ABT120813-the rest-76



ABT120813-the rest-81







– according to this oracle, i will die by way of intense static electricity charges. brutal! –




ABT120813-the rest-85

– belt : trouve





ABT120813-the rest-82

– booties : dv by dolce vita




all photos shot on location at the faux museum by jessica breedlove latham– except shots of the museum itself which were snapped by me.

after you visit the faux museum for yourself, catch proprietor tom richards on february 6th at the late now at din din!

what i wore : in the office

January 8, 2014



– sweater : hive & honey (past season) –

ABT120813-the rest-63

 – shoes : qupid

ABT120813-the rest-48

– blouse : boden (past season) –

ABT120813-the rest-62


ABT120813-the rest-52

– skirt : jcrew (past season) –


– earrings : tarina tarantino (similar) –

ABT120813-the rest-70

– bracelets : jcrew (past season) / watch : casio


all photos shot on location at the pxlvue offices by jessica breedlove latham.

what i wore : hanging out in old town / chinatown

January 3, 2014


ABT120813-the rest-86– coat : tahari  –


ABT120813-the rest-93

– sweater : past season jcrew –



– belt : billy kirk



– moto leggings : just black (can be purchased at doppelganger) –




ABT120813-the rest-98



– shoes : poetic license

all photos by jessica breedlove latham.

what i wore : holiday time

December 16, 2013

this week i want to share a look that i put together with the holidays in mind. it’s versatile enough for both a day at work and a seasonal party afterwards, and totally weather appropriate with a good coat thrown over top –


ABT120813-71– faux fur twist circle scarf : reif


ABT120813-the rest-111– top : cath kidston [last season] –


ABT120813-the rest-114– skirt : jcrew factory [similar] –



ABT120813-the rest-119 – earrings : anthropologie from 10+ years ago –


ABT120813-73 – boots : gee wawa


pictures shot on location at old town pizza, by jessica breedlove latham.

what i wore : at the gallery

December 11, 2013

today’s outfit is my attempt at the tomboy look which is perfect for perusing art in it’s playful sophistication and comfort. though i am known amongst my friends for wearing bright colors, this year saw me toning things down a smidge and i especially tend to wear darker jewel tones this time of year anyway. breaking a “rule” i’ve held for most of my life, i decided to be daring and mix black & navy- if stacy london says it’s ok then i’m on board! i do think it works here because the navy is pretty dark itself but plays nicely with the bright cabernet hue of my matchstick cords –



 – cardigan, pop-over shirt,  skinny cords and bracelets : all previous season jcrew



 – jackie cardigan



 – matchstick cords









 – earrings : made by me –


ABT120813-the rest-31

 – booties : bp.


ABT120813-the rest-01






ABT120813-the rest-25



944806_472195072901807_591207911_n– shot on location at the duplex gallery by jessica breedlove latham. art works by andrew myers are on display now through the end of december. i highly recommend stopping by to check them out! –


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